To my friend – Part 2

I ate junk food again so I have to write a paragraph about my friend. I’ve been very good with not eating junk food, but today I didn’t really have a choice. An earlier post explains everything.

I don’t like to flatter people so writing this is actually painful for me.


I like how my friend brings phone charging stuff for me because my phone battery is always low. Now I’m borrowing his portable charger which is very useful! I hope he will find some otome games for me, but that can wait because I’m playing… three games right now. I like that my friend doesn’t get mad at me when I’m late because of the bus, or when he replays scenes because I keep falling asleep while watching anime. Thank you friend for being patient and not getting mad at me. ­čÖé


Fatty tuna

Remy came up with a fun bingo game on watching anime. Here are my answers. The original Watching Anime Bingo board can be found at his blog so you can try it for yourself.




I want to write more anime reviews so that’s a goal I have for this year. I also want to cosplay more.


fatty tuna keychain

To my friend

I agreed to a “no junk food” challenge and I broke the challenge today… BUT I didn’t know the punishment was going to be, “write a blog post about how cool the other person is.” It has to be a paragraph.


My friend likes Dr Pepper so he’s cool like me because everyone knows I love Dr Pepper. My friend likes flumpool and other Japanese bands I like, and that makes him cool (because I like those bands). He should listen to more songs by BiSH though, including “My landscape.” Somehow I finished Steins;Gate because of him… I even watched the Special episode and now we’re watching the movie (and going to start season 2). To people who follow me on Twitter and have seen me complain about Steins;Gate, look at me now. LOLL

Does that make him cool? I think fans of Steins;Gate might think so.

School Update + Gifts from Moya

As some of you guys know, I graduated in May 2018 with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I am back in school now, doing my second degree in Social Work. I still attend the University of British Columbia, which was my top choice because I can commute from home and I have friends there.

I’m done my first week and I’m enjoying it a lot. I want to become a social worker, and I feel really good and confident about this decision. ­čÖé It’s a two-year program and I have all my classes with the same 50~ classmates.


I had lunch with Moya on campus today and she gave me gifts! These are gifts from her Taiwan trip. I love stickers – I stick them on my transit card, notebooks, electronic devices, and letters I write to friends. I also love No Face from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, so I really like the No Face pen. Lastly, I got bubble tea flavoured chocolate. I’ve never seen that before and I love bubble tea. Thank you, Moya! ÔŁĄ


Travel Diary: Parliament & Butchart Gardens of Victoria

I went to Victoria, BC again. Last time I went to Craigdarroch Castle, Chinatown and Miniature Museum. This time I went to the Parliament Buildings (only outside) and Butchart Gardens.


on the ferry

The Parliament Buildings are really big.


close-up of the Parliament

The Butchart Gardens are quite big as well. I took photos of my favourite flowers. I must have missed the lilies because I don’t think I saw them…




taken at the rose garden


pretty restaurant



Phone camera pictures:




The gardens are definitely my favourite place in Victoria.

Victoria Part 1 – Craigdarroch Castle/Chinatown/Ferry [HERE]

Victoria Part 2 – Miniature Museum [HERE]

Travel Diary: The Peak of Vancouver

I went to Grouse Mountain, also known as the Peak of Vancouver. I’ve been there when I was younger, but it’s my first time back as an adult.


before the skyride





The chairlift was probably the funnest part for me, and we saw a big bear while sitting on it. The view of Vancouver was pretty – the land surrounding the water bodies in the second photo is the city.