Ootd – new style

I used to only wear short skirts and short shorts so this is still a new style for me. Now I like to wear long skirts and dresses. Long skirt from Uniqlo:




Liz Lisa

I realized I haven’t done fashion posts in a long time! I’m planning on doing more. ^^

The skirt is from Liz Lisa, my favourite Japanese clothing brand. I have more Liz Lisa clothes so I’ll probably post more.



The skirt has shorts underneath. It’s creative how the shorts make up a layer.

OLD POST: Ootd – Liza Lisa

My Style 3

In my latest ‘My Style’ post, I expressed my dislike for pants. I like to dress girly. These are actual outfits from recent weeks.

If you read my blog reguarly, I often mention¬†that I like to stay at home. I do leave the house frequently but it’s because of school, volunteer, social events, etc. If I had to pick an animal to describe myself, I would choose the hermit crab.

Social event:


  • I¬†wore my dress as a skirt
  • I’m still going to wear comfortable shoes

Buying food at the nearby supermarket:


  • hoodie
  • tote bag with¬†reusable bags inside. I hate using plastic bags >.>

My style = running errand outfit is more casual but both require comfortable shoes + wearing a dress or skirt!

I’ve stopped trying to impress people with my outfits so that’s why I almost never wear high heels. This may sound selfish, but everything I do with my style is for myself,¬†for self-expression. Wearing high heels is currently not doing anything for me since I value¬†feeling comfortable. This can change any time.

I don’t like to think about the future because I enjoy living in the present. The greatest feeling in the world is freedom. I spend my spare¬†time learning stories through television, books, and music. I don’t need to physically go outside because I already feel satisfied. Right now I am¬†happy.

My Fashion

My style is wearing dresses, skirts, and shorts with leggings or tights. Then I wear jeans on days when¬†I don’t put effort in my appearance.

Outfit #1


Sweater – Hong Kong

Shorts – Urban Planet

Outfit #2


Sweater dress – Hong Kong

Combat Boots – Steve Madden

I am literally obsessed with my combat boots. They are the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own and I wear them with anything.