Diary #6

I’m so stupid!!

I am stupid because I forgive everyone. If I call someone my friend, then I love them already. I don’t think one or two of them like me very much and I feel very hurt. I don’t have romantic feelings for my friends. If they do not see me as a friend, they should tell me..

I try to be nice to everybody because every time someone is nice to me, it makes me feel very happy. I think someone like Bii is my ideal type. Everyday he writes to his fans wishing them good night and telling them to dress warm so they don’t catch cold. He tells us to drink soup when we are sick and tells us to sleep early so we have energy for the next day. That’s why no matter what, I will always forgive people, and I will always love my friends. I will always be stupid, but that’s okay!! ^_^*

Diary #5

Since I have not really used make up for a long time,  I didn’t know how to use it. Today, I watched a video for an eyeliner tutorial. The tutorial was for people with monolids, and I decided to try it out myself. Surprisingly, I really liked the result.


I would like to thank my new followers~ Thank you for the support!! ♡

Diary #4

I want to try something new..

Yesterday I was supposed to buy a water bottle and a pen but I forgot and only bought the bottle. I was going to buy a red one but didn’t because I don’t like the colour very much..

Later that day, I found a pen. The pen was new and was good quality too c; It was my lucky day~ I felt bad but.. should I have returned it to the Lost and Found? If it was a Student Card or Macbook of course I would have, without a doubt, but..  a pen is OK?!




I want to try to write about the little things in my diary >< I know I write informal even though I am a University student and that I write less formal than two years ago.. but I am happy like this.. ^o^ I feel lazy.

I want to say something..

I always want to be a good person and be myself. Even if I do get hurt, it’s okay because I know that I have good in me and that I am true to myself. Even if I get hurt, I know that I will get better!! I don’t think you should do what I do, but I think it’s good to be yourself. I don’t want any of you to get hurt (>//<)Y

OK, bye bye!

Diary #3

My mother gave me more presents from Japan. She gave me a set of indoor clothes. Normally I would be really happy but I am completely neutral. I don’t think my love for Japan is that strong anymore.

Hm.. let me teach you guys something!


“Add oil”

..but also means, do your best! > 3 <

OK, 加油!加油!加油!

Diary #2

My favourite singer is Bii ^_^*

Today I watched a video of Bii. In the video, Bii is in Korea. Although Bii is a Taiwanese singer, he was born and raised in Korea. In the video, he gives us a tour and gives us tips for if we ever go to Korea one day. I don’t think I want to go to Korea anytime soon, but the video made me smile.

Yesterday I was sad, and I did receive a bag from Japan as a present yesterday but eventually I was sad again. Watching Bii’s video made me forgive the people who hurt me yesterday… One day they will realize how horrible their personalities are, and that I will not be doing anything to change myself.