About Me

My name is Rose and I’m in my 20’s. I live in British Columbia, Canada and I’m currently studying at the University of British Columbia. I work as a tutor and I teach all subjects to students in elementary school and grade eight. I’m also a Research Assistant at a Psychology Lab at the university.

My hobbies include reading manga, watching anime, playing JRPG, cosplaying, drawing anime fan art on my tablet, listening to music like anime OSTs and vocaloid, and sleeping. I do not consider myself a gamer, cosplayer or artist – but a blogger. Actually, it does feel a little odd to call myself as a blogger too. When you like to do an activity, putting a title on it makes it seem like work, does it not? I just like to be relaxed about everything. You can just call me Rose then, not blogger or anything else. 🙂