Photo Diary #4


Originally I wanted to buy simple studded earrings because my earrings were not everyday, causal earrings. I wanted to buy them because I was scared that my ear piercings would close up since I hadn’t worn earrings in a long time.

A couple of days ago I saw a picture of Kim Tae-yeon of Girls’ Generation online wearing a pair of cute earrings. I happened to own the same pair of earrings but never wore them before. It’s hard to see in the picture but they are black bunny stud earrings. An online shop owner gave them to me for free a very long time ago. I love them very much and now I don’t have to buy studded earrings anymore.


Photo Diary #2


My jade plant, crystals, and lemon tea

I don’t put sugar or honey in my tea.

We have quite a few plants at home but my dad has a much, much larger plant that I do. He has a much bigger crystal collection. While mine are polished, he has a lot of different types of quartz and other crystals. He also has a salt lamp. My dad also owns a lot more flavours of tea than me. His tea are traditional leaves.

I’m thinking of putting goji berries for tea next time. We have a lot at home.

Diary #11

I think.. I might like someone


He makes me smile.. he is funny, and I feel happy when I talk to him ^__^ .. but I don’t think he likes me back ;_; He probably doesn’t think I’m cute either.

I don’t want to look at him because it’s awkward.. omg this is so embarrassing >< I think if he were to get a gf I would be happy for him c: