Photo Diary #2


My jade plant, crystals, and lemon tea

I don’t put sugar or honey in my tea.

We have quite a few plants at home but my dad has a much, much larger plant that I do. He has a much bigger crystal collection. While mine are polished, he has a lot of different types of quartz and other crystals. He also has a salt lamp. My dad also owns a lot more flavours of tea than me. His tea are traditional leaves.

I’m thinking of putting goji berries for tea next time. We have a lot at home.

Diary #10

Bii wrote to his BF **Bii FANS** and he wrote that if we are angry, then he is sad. He is sad because he cares. Bii wrote not talk or like those people, or believe in those people. He wrote to not try to prove ourselves to them.

Actually I was going to write about this a while ago but I didn’t o.o

Day 9

I’m going to write ‘day’ instead of ‘diary’ from now on because it sounds nicer.. c: I’m also going to get rid of the number symbol because it looks better this way.


Yesterday I bought a plant. It’s covered but I put my blue calcite crystal in the pot.

I’m not wearing any eye makeup which is good because I don’t want to wear makeup everyday. I think it’s a little bit hard to skip a day of makeup once you start.. >< I’m wearing my big framed glasses and hood over my head.

I want to spend less time on my Macbook so I can spend more time on my skin care. As a student it is hard not to get eye bags or pimples.. My skin has healed but prevention is important!!

Diary #7

Hello! IMG_1502

I only had one makeup product, which was eyeliner. I am slowly building up my collection but I don’t think I will use too many products in the future.

Today, I bought my second makeup product, and it was a lip product. I bought revlon matte balm (210 unapologetic) !! It is actually very bright without the lighting and my photo editing >< I like it very much.. I don’t wear makeup every day, but I do try to wear some on the days I have class. If I am too busy with homework or exams, then I will probably not wear makeup. If I feel lazy, then I won’t either c: