The third time’s the charm?

I made a new personal Instagram once AGAIN. It’s the third time. I’m just going to say it: It’s absolutely ridiculous. LOL.

…but let me explain. The purpose of a personal Instagram is to keep my non-cosplay and non-anime posts separate from my main Instagram. But why deactivate the old accounts?

Well, you know that I try my best to be a genuine person so I’m just going to be honest. Frankly, I do not feel close to a lot of people. My old personal account had 300+ followers and I followed about the same number of people. There’s no way I still keep in touch with all those people. There’s a bigger reason, though.

Let’s call it my intuition. There’s no way all 300+ people care about my posts or even care about me, for that matter. I could be wrong about this, but I doubt it. When I posted in my old account, I felt restricted in what I posted. Of course, there is no one stopping me. If anything, they can unfollow or mute me. I guess it was a combination of being disillusioned with social media (It is Instagram we’re talking about) and the feeling of, people don’t care so why bother?

I am a pessimist, you know. Anyway, I have never felt more comfortable with posting on my personal Instagram. I’ve also noticed that the things I post are different from my old accounts. I would say that I feel free to be my authentic and genuine self right now. I don’t care about the number of followers or likes. I love posting – for my friends to see and also for myself, as a record, as a way to spend time, and as a way to understand myself better.

It seems like the third time’s the charm. XD

Oh right, I should probably share my handle. It’s @melo__nsoda (2 underscores). Feel free to follow. If you are reading my blog, I take it that you do care about me. My blog is where I feel the safest and most comfortable.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


月饼 mooncake. Most people like the yolk but I don’t eat mooncakes with yolks. This is enough mooncake for me. I don’t really like them, but I’ll eat a bit of a red bean mooncake tomorrow.



Also, I added new photos to two older blog posts. You can check those posts out if you have time or if you’re interested. Have a Mid-Autumn Festival guys~~

Travel Diary: The Peak of Vancouver

I went to a pretty café yesterday


Week Recap

Sindy at Infiinty inspired me to do this post (with gifs) after I read her’s. Coincidentally, I’m drinking red tea as I type this blog post. This was not intentional.


I sneeze so much now and I frequently have a runny nose. I am not sick. Something triggers it, like dust in an old shop or a woman’s strong perfume. After the triggering event, I don’t stop sneezing for weeks. I should probably see a doctor.


Well, I’ve reached 900 followers so thank you for all the love, kindness and support. It’s a rewarding experience when younger girls open up to me about their experiences with cyber bullying, post-secondary goals, and one girl even sent me her graduation photo! I felt so touched…

I’ve developed many meaningful friendships thanks to this blog. I talk to some friends almost every day on my social media. The AniTwitter/AniBlogging community makes life so fun. The power of the Internet is amazing because it brings people together.


Something people may not know about me

I think water is flavourless and that’s why I like to drink other drinks. I used to drink lemon tea every day at school, but now I’ve switched to orange juice! ^^ At home, I drink tea.


chrysanthemum tea with goji berries


pearl milk tea

After I made the milk tea, I realized that I did not have a big straw for the pearls. That’s why I’m using a spoon right now! ^^

Listening to: 王博文 – 梦

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Chinese etiquette

my friend’s mom visited us (my friend goes to the same school as me) and she gave us a gift. this tea is from when she went to China.


apparently when a Chinese family invites a guest over for dinner, it is common for the guest to bring a gift as a way of saying thank you.