My Ring Collection

I love jewelry. I wear earrings and bracelets every moment of the day, and am almost always wearing rings and necklaces.

I didn’t wear rings until the past year because it was difficult to find rings that fit my fingers. My ring size is around 15.5 (smaller than size 5) but I found rings that fit my fingers and don’t fade. I mostly wear silver or rose gold rings.

I’m the kind of person that buys more than one of something because I like to be prepared. o_o If I lose a ring, I have “back-up” rings. Most of these are adjustable. I like to wear at least two of these at a time.

Three rings for my thumb and the back-up rings.

I’ve been wearing these rose gold rings every day now. I also have a back-up ring (no surprise). They are all adjustable.

I’ve worn these rings 0-1 times, but I plan to wear them more in the future. The ring in the front is adjustable.

I recently followed the KonMari method on everything I own, including my jewelry. These are the rings that spark joy for me. Should I do an earring/necklace/bracelet post next?

11 thoughts on “My Ring Collection

  1. More of a glasses person myself, although I’ve been on my current pair for almost 5 years, because I’m also very practical and hate spending money to replace something that isn’t broken…

    I know they aren’t legit but I think a pair of oversized glasses like those would look great on you. Reminds me of the glasses that the girl wears here in this video:

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    • Sure – when I find the time. 🙂 I recommend getting your ears pierced. Some earrings are really beautiful. You can also try wearing clip-on earrings to see how they would look on you.


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