Happy Spring

I took this picture of these plum blossoms on March 20, the first day of spring.



These are the games I bought this week. Ace Attorney is my favourite game right now, but I feel like I will only play it once. Once I finish the game, I’ll remember the correct responses so it won’t be as fun anymore… unless I play again when I’m like 40. All the Detective Conan episodes I’ve watched are paying off because now I’m applying that learned knowledge to the game hahaha.


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My Day in Pictures 2


When I am not dressed up, I wear casual clothes and shoes. On these sort of days, I still wear my everyday accessories (which have changed, AGAIN).

When it comes to nails I use polish from The Face Shop because it dries quickly. By the time I am done painting my left hand, all the fingers on my right hand and the thumb of my left hand are already dry! I’m going to buy a bright pink polish and that will be my new everyday colour. =D



My Macbook. I should have an everyday hairstyle too but not sure what yet – not short hair though because I don’t like it.

Listening to: 蔡旻佑 Evan Yo – 走 ZOU

everyday nails

look one


/no edit

as a student i do not have a lot of time to do my nails so i have to compromise 😉

clear nail polish is almost effortless; without some colour it looks too simple for me

look two


as you may know, i am a fan of whites. in my everyday makeup look, white eyeliner is a must. a bright lipstick is also essential

in this look i have added white polish. i like this look better but it takes more time..

what to do??

Photo Diary #13 welcome to my room

attention attention!

now that i have your attention, i would like to say one thing . HII

hhehee > 3 <



today i bought shampoo and conditioner. i bought garnier fructis because it smells soo good !

i went to the face shop again and bought Royal Garden All Over Perfume Mist and a polish:


//$12 without tax

i will blog about my everyday nails soon~ please wait for me ♡

i also bought polish remover from The Face Shop because it was only $1! i wasn’t going to but i couldn’t resist :$

hm i don’t think i will buy a crop top after all because i’m more into makeup now ^__^cya!