Happy Spring

I took this picture of these plum blossoms on March 20, the first day of spring.



These are the games I bought this week. Ace Attorney is my favourite game right now, but I feel like I will only play it once. Once I finish the game, I’ll remember the correct responses so it won’t be as fun anymore… unless I play again when I’m like 40. All the Detective Conan episodes I’ve watched are paying off because now I’m applying that learned knowledge to the game hahaha.


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Pencil eyeliner for monolids + Nail stickers

I’m just using an eyeliner pencil and nothing else on my eyes. For under my eyes, I only draw a line at the outer corner. I don’t fill in the line completely under the eye because I have monolids, and that would make my eye look smaller. I think makeup is about experimentation so I don’t think there is just one way of applying makeup. Remember to always remove makeup with makeup remover.


Nail stickers are literally sticker for nails. First, you paint your nails like normal (I used a clear polish). After that layer dries, you stick on the nail sticker and then paint a clear top coat over it.


My Day in Pictures 2


When I am not dressed up, I wear casual clothes and shoes. On these sort of days, I still wear my everyday accessories (which have changed, AGAIN).

When it comes to nails I use polish from The Face Shop because it dries quickly. By the time I am done painting my left hand, all the fingers on my right hand and the thumb of my left hand are already dry! I’m going to buy a bright pink polish and that will be my new everyday colour. =D



My Macbook. I should have an everyday hairstyle too but not sure what yet – not short hair though because I don’t like it.

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everyday nails

look one


/no edit

as a student i do not have a lot of time to do my nails so i have to compromise 😉

clear nail polish is almost effortless; without some colour it looks too simple for me

look two


as you may know, i am a fan of whites. in my everyday makeup look, white eyeliner is a must. a bright lipstick is also essential

in this look i have added white polish. i like this look better but it takes more time..

what to do??

Photo Diary #13 welcome to my room

attention attention!

now that i have your attention, i would like to say one thing . HII

hhehee > 3 <



today i bought shampoo and conditioner. i bought garnier fructis because it smells soo good !

i went to the face shop again and bought Royal Garden All Over Perfume Mist and a polish:


//$12 without tax


/$3 without tax

i will blog about my everyday nails soon~ please wait for me ♡

i also bought polish remover from The Face Shop because it was only $1! i wasn’t going to but i couldn’t resist :$

hm i don’t think i will buy a crop top after all because i’m more into makeup now ^__^cya!