Diary #10

Bii wrote to his BF **Bii FANS** and he wrote that if we are angry, then he is sad. He is sad because he cares. Bii wrote not talk or like those people, or believe in those people. He wrote to not try to prove ourselves to them.

Actually I was going to write about this a while ago but I didn’t o.o

Day 9

I’m going to write ‘day’ instead of ‘diary’ from now on because it sounds nicer.. c: I’m also going to get rid of the number symbol because it looks better this way.


Yesterday I bought a plant. It’s covered but I put my blue calcite crystal in the pot.

I’m not wearing any eye makeup which is good because I don’t want to wear makeup everyday. I think it’s a little bit hard to skip a day of makeup once you start.. >< I’m wearing my big framed glasses and hood over my head.

I want to spend less time on my Macbook so I can spend more time on my skin care. As a student it is hard not to get eye bags or pimples.. My skin has healed but prevention is important!!

I thought about mm.. maybe going on a diet. o: I’m not sure yet if I will but I am not as skinny as models. I might just start eating clean instead, and hopefully I will lose weight that way instead. c: It is getting harder to post pictures without a filter, but I think its OK.

Diary #3

My mother gave me more presents from Japan. She gave me a set of indoor clothes. Normally I would be really happy but I am completely neutral. I don’t think my love for Japan is that strong anymore.

Hm.. let me teach you guys something!


“Add oil”

..but also means, do your best! > 3 <

OK, 加油!加油!加油!