Get ready with me :3

Sleeping is one of my hobbies.

what are my hobbies?

  1. anime
  2. music
  3. playing games
  4. shopping
  5. sleeping


The inside of the fridge. I drank a bottle of milk before I took this picture. After eating breakfast came the highlight of the day…






My Best Friend

My best friend and I ate out at a Taiwanese restaurant for lunch. After that I got some bath bombs and then we went to my house and watched a movie. After that we went to the mall and went shopping. We got dinner and Starbucks.



My best friend.


At the Taiwanese restaurant. I got a large bubble tea with pearls.


I drink bubble tea more than Starbucks so my friend introduced me to this frappuccino flavour. It’s a large size and I tried a cookie straw.

My friend bought me my bubble tea and frappuccino. I gave her one of my hats and a shirt in return.

Day 9

I’m going to write ‘day’ instead of ‘diary’ from now on because it sounds nicer.. c: I’m also going to get rid of the number symbol because it looks better this way.


Yesterday I bought a plant. It’s covered but I put my blue calcite crystal in the pot.

I’m not wearing any eye makeup which is good because I don’t want to wear makeup everyday. I think it’s a little bit hard to skip a day of makeup once you start.. >< I’m wearing my big framed glasses and hood over my head.

I want to spend less time on my Macbook so I can spend more time on my skin care. As a student it is hard not to get eye bags or pimples.. My skin has healed but prevention is important!!