Diary #7

Hello! IMG_1502

I only had one makeup product, which was eyeliner. I am slowly building up my collection but I don’t think I will use too many products in the future.

Today, I bought my second makeup product, and it was a lip product. I bought revlon matte balm (210 unapologetic) !! It is actually very bright without the lighting and my photo editing >< I like it very much.. I don’t wear makeup every day, but I do try to wear some on the days I have class. If I am too busy with homework or exams, then I will probably not wear makeup. If I feel lazy, then I won’t either c:

Diary #5

Since I have not really used make up for a long time,  I didn’t know how to use it. Today, I watched a video for an eyeliner tutorial. The tutorial was for people with monolids, and I decided to try it out myself. Surprisingly, I really liked the result.


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