Yo Yo Yo


I think it’s so funny when I see people I know randomly. They always think I’m dressed up for something but I’m really just getting food. Then when they ask who I’m meeting… it becomes a little awkward? It’s me, myself and I.

I admit that I do dress up a little by wearing baggy clothes and a cap or something. I do that to disguise myself so I can AVOID people. It’s not working.

It’s especially awks when people from my high school are the cashiers. I just act like I don’t know them LOL. It makes me feel a little intimidated by the fact that they know what I’m buying. It’s a little intimate and that’s too close for me. Anyone else feel this way, or am I just weird?

I’ve been told that I’m a little hard to meet up with. That’s because I literally love staying at home. I don’t really want people coming over either lol. Idk, a lot of people say that I’m popular (I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP) but I like being at home.

I’m wearing three necklaces right now and no one is going to see. I don’t need anyone to see because I don’t dress the way that I do for other people. I have over 10 anime posters but they’re all for me only. I have no idea where I’m going with this but maybe you guys can get to know me better this way. ;_;

Blah blah blah… congrats on reading to the end!


19 thoughts on “Yo Yo Yo

    • I love people. I really do. I think I just feel overwhelmed sometimes because I like to do activities that require just me and I struggle to find enough time for myself. Thank you for the comment on me taking nice pics haha XD


  1. I would rather stay home and chill in my room. Food is good! I remember seeing your posters and I wish I got them. I got two wallscrolls in my room. One is Sword Art Online and the is Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

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  2. Well, all I can say is, you are not the only one that likes to stay home. I do too. Great to watch a movie, play a game or read a good novel. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, so no worries: you are not the only one that feels like that 😊

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  3. I like to be inside and don’t tend to have people come over as well and I like to have time to myself, but usually when I go outside it seems like people that I know avoid me 😦 so I can’t fully relate.

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  4. I just felt the same because i was buying flowers for my grandma and the person who was selling them was a ex classmate and it felt so so wierd i wanted to run from there.
    I totally understand you i’m popular in someway but i really like to stay comfy and not be bothered by people and when i get out i usually hope i won’t meet people and just buy the thing and come home.
    It’s wierd :))

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