Diary #2

My favourite singer is Bii ^_^*

Today I watched a video of Bii. In the video, Bii is in Korea. Although Bii is a Taiwanese singer, he was born and raised in Korea. In the video, he gives us a tour and gives us tips for if we ever go to Korea one day. I don’t think I want to go to Korea anytime soon, but the video made me smile.

Yesterday I was sad, and I did receive a bag from Japan as a present yesterday but eventually I was sad again. Watching Bii’s video made me forgive the people who hurt me yesterday… One day they will realize how horrible their personalities are, and that I will not be doing anything to change myself.

Diary #1



This is a little late but here is a picture from last night > 3 <

It is a little bit embarrassing but I like my smile.. My hair was a little bit damp from taking a shower and I was wearing my pyjamas but I snapped a photo because I was happy. ^^ I smiled out of happiness, not because I was smiling for the picture~