What are y’all watching this season?

I’m watching Yuukoku no Moriarty, Maoujou de Oyasumi, Jujutsu Kaisen, Hypnosis Mic, Scumbag System (donghua), Mo Dao Zu Shi Q (donghua), Wan Sheng Jie 2 (donghua), Love By Chance 2 (Thai drama), and Guardian (Chinese drama). They are currently airing except for Guardian.

I feel so impatient sometimes with airing shows but we gotta be patient! QQ



Nail polish from Moya.

18 thoughts on “What are y’all watching this season?

  1. Well, I have a very short answer for that: nothing😅😅 I am so behind with anime at the moment, that I first want to catch up on some shows that I have missed out on from previous seasons before I want to start with something new😀

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  2. I put out my list not too long ago, but it’s HypMic, Akudama Drive, Maou-jou (Sleepy Princess), Yuukoku no Moriarty, Yashahime and Taiso Samurai. Those are the most official 6, but I haven’t paused Golden Kamuy yet…

    See, I did say on Twitter I needed to cut back to 6 due to all this backlog I accumulated over the past 2 seasons, but…then I signed up for one of the AniList challenges and that requires 7. Burn the Witch counts for it though, so whether I need a 7th (possibly Magatsu Wahrheit or IWGP, depending on the episode counts – Golden Kamuy is my placeholder) depends on if I can survive it with the anime club (it just so happens the anime club is streaming Burn the Witch this week, but I didn’t like the manga oneshot because of this one pervert character…).

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    • I think I will give Sleepy Princess a try. I’ll check out your blog soon! I’ve seen screenshots of Golden Kamuy but I’m not too sure what it’s about.

      Which AniList challenge? Is it with your anime club? Thanks for sharing!


      • Golden Kuy is hard to describe: it’s technically about a hunt for gold, but it’s also a cooking anime, a weird comedy and also educational regarding the Ainu and the period it’s set in.

        The AniList fall 2020 seasonal challenge. It’s not with my anime club, but they just happened to be screening something that fit this week.

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  3. My for sure shows are Yashahime, Golden Kamuy 3 (when I catch up to it lol), Jujutsu Kaisen, and Moriarty: The Patriot. Others that I’m just casually catching when I have the time include Iwa Kakeru, Gymnastics Samurai, and Ikebukuro West Gate Park. 🙂

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