Review: Ripples Visual Novel


Ripples is a visual novel I enjoyed in 2014. I recently revisited it.Β It’s really short (around 10 minutes) and sweet.

Story: Koda is a pessimist who photographs nature as a hobby. He meets a girl at the park and finds himself visiting the park every day.

Writing: The writing is the best part. The dialogue is realistic and shows us the personalities of the two characters. I loved one quote in particular:

Even if my life is just a single drop, every drop of water leaves ripples.”

Art: The art is really cute. For its short length, I don’t mind the static backgrounds or that Kuu wears the same clothes each day.

Music: The music is fitting to the story. It enhances the story because it gives it a relaxing atmosphere.

Vocals: The English dubbing is great. I only watch anime in Japanese, but I found the English vocals refreshing to listen to.

Since it’s so short, I recommend everyone to play it or watch it on YouTube. I like the message a lot and even after all these years, I still think about Ripples time to time.


11 thoughts on “Review: Ripples Visual Novel

  1. This sounds like something I would absolutely love! Thank you for sharing it. πŸ™‚ I’m also going to write that quote down (I collect quotes for when I’m feeling down). I find it very inspiring. β™₯

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      • Yup, definitely do try it out! It’s an otome VN that’s also rather short but sweet, one female protagonist and three heros routes. Probably not what guys usually play but I really liked that one! Most of sakevisuals VNs seem short in comparison to stuff like Fate S/N or even Rewrite or most commercial VNs from Japan. Maybe cause it’s a freebie. I’ll wish they made a sequel or expanded on it but I guess the plot did get a fitting resolution so it might ruin it to expand on it.

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