2020 Year-End Review

2020 has been an unexpected, life-changing year for most of us, if not all of us.

1. Time seems to have slowed down for me. Pre-Covid, I was busy. I had school, practicum, three part-time jobs, and was an exec for my university’s anime club. On top of that, I watched anime, updated my blog, and cosplayed.

I recently wrote about my day-to-day life (Click here for the post). I am now at home all the time and my work is flexible. I have completed practicum, graduated, and am no longer an exec for anime club. I feel like I’m on an island, removed from the busy city.

2. I am enjoying the little things in life. Pre-Covid, I always felt like I didn’t have enough gratitude. I didn’t know how to change. Looking back, I was so busy that I didn’t have the time to process things in the moment.

Now, I’m always finding small things to appreciate. Trying out a new recipe, for example, or receiving a package. Pre-Covid, I bought things I liked and tossed them aside.

A positive post

Good things that have happened to me since quarantine PartΒ 2

3. My social media habits have changed. Pre-Covid and several months during Covid, I posted on social media for other people to see. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing because I still had fun.

I’ve changed, I think. I still think that posting on social media is fun, but my intentions are different. Lately, I’ve been looking at my old photos with friends. Photos of daily life serve as reminders of what happiness means to me. To me, photos are precious.

There’s still a lot that I can improve on, but that’s life. I’ve felt all sorts of emotions this year but I think I’ve been holding up well given the circumstances. I think that out of everything, my attitude and mindset have changed the most.

To my blogger friends and readers, I encourage all of you to reflect on what this year means for you. If you write a year-end review post, please let me know. I would love to read it. πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “2020 Year-End Review

  1. 2020’s been rough. As a first responder, I’ve lost colleagues to the covid; meanwhile, as a police officer, specifically, I’ve seen an already thankless job turn toxic. I’ve heard massive criticism of the Federal government for its lackluster response to the pandemic, but–here in the U.S., at least–we as a people also failed to come together properly. It’s been an ugly year, one I’m happy to end. Glad you’re doing OK, so stay safe and be well.

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    • Sorry to hear that, David. 2020 has shown me the ugly side of human nature, the blatant disregard for others. There were times I’ve felt quite pessimistic, but I try to stay positive and see the good. Thank you! I hope you stay safe and be well as well. Here’s to a good 2021. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’ll probably take a shot at things. 2020 was a rough year, but I personally got out of it relatively unscathed, and that is something I count my blessings for, every day. The world’s feeling like it’s regressing all the time, but as long as we have those important to us, and health, we can rebuild.

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  3. A season of reflection… It’s fitting for a time like this. I know I haven’t read much of your posts this year but after reading this it makes me wanting to give a connection for once. The very thought has been lingering in me anime related posts for some time now.

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  4. I think COVID made me the opposite.
    – With all the new time I had, the obsession I had for the series I was getting into pre-COVID, Hypnosis Mic, went to new highs (I spent several hours dwelling over if I’d gone too far at one point) and although I admit time drags at points, there are spots where entire days go quickly because I’ve sunk hours into the game (or, alternatively, in AMQ with Jon and friends during COVID), drawn fanart, eagerly awaited the new episode of the anime or something similar.
    – It made me reckless with money because I thought I might never get a chance to spend physically again (I vastly preferred physical media over digital pre-COVID but these days, they’re more equal…although I have to rein myself in when spending on ebooks, LOL.) Individual Humble Bundles are a huge undertaking to finish…and I bought two during COVID. I also had a small pile of physical to-reads which didn’t shrink beyond a certain point where I started regularly reading manga in Japanese (because I always check up a bunch of vocab, actual reading ground to a halt).
    – It made me overly attentive to social media as a means for connecting to others. Lately I’ve been catching myself going, “Should I post about this to validate myself?” (The answer is always “no”.) I’ve always been the sort to dig into archives, including my own, when I’m feeling introspective, so that was never a problem – sometimes I’ll waste an afternoon chasing a certain thing I remember seeing in the past.

    As for whether I’d do an end of year post…I always do one for anime I’ve consumed for the year (this year’s one is colossal due to how much backlog I finished!), but for general life things, I think I’ve given away enough here.

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    • Thanks for sharing!! The β€œShould I post about this to validate myself?” part was what I was thinking about too, which resulted in me changing my social media habits. I don’t post as much on Instagram as I used to, simply because I don’t *need* to. For me, posting to validate myself = posting to show other people. Even if it means losing followers and likes, I’m okay with it. πŸ™‚

      Not going to lie, I went a bit overboard with online shopping a few times during this period. Mostly no regrets because the purchases weren’t expensive, just the quantity was a bit high hahaha… Oh well, at the end of the day I think you gotta do what makes you happy!

      I’ve always done an end of year post for anime too – I post the anime I’ve completed during the year. This is my first personal end of year post. Haha, I appreciate you sharing with me! ❀ ^^

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      • Recently there was a promotion on Bookwalker where all 1st volumes of Jump Plus series and a copy of the magazine itself were free. I’d already read all the series I picked in English (this was on the Japanese side) and was already deep enough on all the series to possibly consider buying them in English in the first place, so no regrets for those either.

        The part I kinda regret though is spending more to save more, due to Bookwalker’s coin system – if you have enough coins, you can basically get other stuff for free – because I was like, “I’ll stop with this purchase,” and then ended up shelling out extra money to get to the free purchase…(*sigh* I’d rather that than shelling out for everything at full price, though.)

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  5. Damnnnn I didnt even realize it till you pointed it out, but quarantine really does feel like “island time,” just with some extra limitations. Hopefully we can properly re-experience island time sometime in the future 😁

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