A positive post

I thought I would write about the good things that have happened to me since quarantine. I’ve been at home since around March 16. I encourage you all to do the same!! Feel free to write in the comments about the positive things that have happened to you.

1. I’ve had more time to cosplay.

2. I’ve drawn stuff! I also quickly stopped drawing after that but I still drew three drawings and I’m happy about that.

3. A couple of blogger friends watched Yesterday wo Utatte after I wrote my Episode 1 Impressions post. Thank you! It always makes me happy when people watch the shows I recommend.

4. I’ve started working out regularly at home. I haven’t exercised like this since grade 11 high school… That was 7 years ago…

5. I’ve been video calling and voice chatting with my friends. We’ve played games, exercised, and watched shows online together. Before I mainly ate at restaurants with my friends so these are kind of new activities.

6. I have a penpal now. I wrote a post called The Significance of the Letter in December 2019 and now I’m writing letters to a penpal.

I’ve also mailed out a birthday letter and a ‘I’m thinking about you’ card to my friends. While I could have just written my messages online, I think there is something special about having a physical copy.

7. I’ve ordered a kalimba. I want to learn how to play Wu Ji, a song from The Untamed. A couple of my friends have ordered it with me. We’re going to learn how to play this song together.



I’m sure there are more good things that have happened to me this past month. Maybe I am not as pessimistic as I think I am. :p

12 thoughts on “A positive post

  1. Those are a lot of great things! I’ve noticed that I’ve been reading more slowly, but this is good because it allows me to savour the book more. I’ve started sketching again, which is fun. I’ve also written a couple short stories and started a new blog! My next activity is to workout regularly. Although with Ramadan staying I may only be able to do yoga, which isn’t too bad I think. 🙂

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    • Ahh, I have an issue with reading books too quickly! It’s a problem because I often skim over so many lines but I don’t know how to stop or read slower… Any tips on reading more slowly?

      It’s awesome that you’re sketching again. Are you going to post your drawings anywhere? Right – I know about your stories and new blog. Yoga is fine!! I think any bit of exercise is good!


  2. There has been so much negativity online recently, so this post was refreshing to read~
    By the way, have you seen the imouto memes that the online anime community made for Kim Jong Un’s little sister during the quarantine? This community never ceases to surprise me haha

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    • Thanks, Glasses! I haven’t seen the memes… I do know that she has international supporters though. The internet is interesting for sure, haha. I’ll have to search these memes up hahaha.


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  4. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve kept up with your friends during quarantine, and all the other amazing things that you’ve done with your extra free time 🙂 I agree about physical letters, too: there is something special about sending and receiving them.

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