The Void

I recently finished watching the anime, Zankyou no Terror, and I felt kind of empty, like I didn’t know what to do with myself afterwards. So I went to Google and found out it’s a thing called ‘post-series depression.’ To be honest, I don’t feel completely comfortable with the word ‘depression’ in there because I feel like it kind of minimizes depression.

I think that this void I’m feeling is a common feeling and I think it will go away with time. I guess when you find an anime or any series that meshes with your tastes perfectly, you are reluctant to start another show. You need time to process the show and this feeling. Zankyou no Terror is only 11 episodes and I did binge most of it so I was only able to experience it for such a short time. Perhaps it is a deep appreciation towards a series that ended too soon.

I’m not sure often this feeling is talked about within the anime blogging community, or how often people feel this. Have you experienced this or something similar? If you feel comfortable sharing, let me know in the comments!

Beautiful Icelandic song from Zankyou no Terror.

12 thoughts on “The Void

  1. I agree that the word “depression” might be a bit overmuch, but I have certainly experienced the feeling. Not, however, normally with an anime series that I especially enjoyed–then I’m eager to find something to continue that good feeling! No, I usually get that empty feeling when something has ripped at my heart, such as Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 did. That one messed me up for a bit, and I needed time to think about it and sort out my emotional response. Only after doing all that was I up to watching something new. . .

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    • Ohh, I see. Yeah, that’s totally understandable. I guess in my case, spoiler alert: but the ending of the anime I finished was quite sad. I think it’s that, and also the feeling that I won’t be able to find something like this anime again. I’ll find other shows in this genre but it won’t be the same. Thanks for sharing, David!

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      • I definitely recommend it. Mind you, the ending wouldn’t have been so powerful were it not about two children, but it was and it was. Sort of that same kicked-in-the-gut feeling as when the child Rock was trying to protect in season 2 of Black Lagoon was killed. . .just a sudden, painful desolation, but earned through great storytelling and engaging characters.

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  2. I definitely got that feeling recently, after watching nearly every episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and No Reservations television series. They were just so good, and it’s sad that he’ll never make another television show again, because he passed away just over a year ago.

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  3. While perhaps not depression by the DSM-5 standards, I am familiar with the feeling of melancholy after a series has ended. I think this arises from not wanting to see a cast go after having followed their journey, and would count it as being a natural part of the anime experience. So, you’re definitely not alone here!

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