Update: October 2019

All of these pictures were posted on my Instagram, but I thought I would post them in a blog format.


Can’t wait to read this book~

Thanks crew~

Katsu with soba~

My first Kaiji thing. It’s pretty much impossible to find anything from this anime in Canada… Thank you to my friend for the belated birthday gift! Those who watched Kaiji Season 2 will know about the dice… The γ–わざわ wrapping paper OMG

Bought this Totoro mug cover


Picked this up yesterday at the store

Shungiku Nakamura is one of my favourite mangaka ^^


Chirashi don~

Matcha ice cream

Should I keep doing this kind of monthly update? Let me know. x)

🌸🌸🌸 Rose


13 thoughts on “Update: October 2019

  1. So much awesomeness! I’ve seen some of these over on Insta – that Totoro mug cover is something I never knew I needed (or that it existed) but now I don’t think my tea drinking will be complete without it!
    Definitely need to check out the Murakami book, you’ll have to let us know what you think when you’ve given it a read! xx

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