Angels of Death – Impressions

Episode 4 was released today and I have to say… I am very disappointed with the series overall. This anime series is based on a game.


Rachel wakes up in a creepy room and quickly learns that her life is in danger because a killer is on the loose. She discovers that every floor has a killer and in order to escape the building she is in, she must go through each floor, with a different killer waiting for her.

The first killer is Zack, and due to reasons he joins Rachel. They work together to escape the building.


I loved the first episode, probably more than a lot of other bloggers did. I thought the premise was interesting, and thought Zack looked cool. I liked his craziness and thought that Rachel was a level-headed character. There were graphic scenes in the first episode, so I thought the series would be scary.

Sadly the first episode raised my expectations too high, which led to bitter disappointment with the later episodes. Let’s start with the main characters. Rachel was like a normal person in the first episode, running for her life and hiding from the killer. At the end of the first episode, she lost all her personality and became listless. I found it extremely hard to relate to her character, and increasingly became more and more irritated with her. She doesn’t have any drive and doesn’t react to anything. It’s kind of tiresome to watch her, honestly.


For the first three episodes, I liked Zack. He was a huge reason for continuing the show, but the fourth episode was a disappointment because I realized how stupid he is. I don’t have strong opinions on the antagonists either. None of the characters are likable, and that’s really important for any story.

Now let’s talk about other elements of the anime. Any scariness in the show was in episode one. The rest of the episodes so far have been lackluster. I think the problem is that they try to be funny which takes away from the experience. We are reminded that we are watching something, rather than letting ourselves be absorbed with the show.


Instead of throwing up a rainbow, why don’t you show me actual vomit

I tried really hard to like this show. Even when other anime bloggers were expressing their dislike for the show, I was more optimistic. However, the fourth episode was terrible and I’m thinking about dropping it.

What are your thoughts of Angels of Death so far? Will you be continuing it or dropping it?

20 thoughts on “Angels of Death – Impressions

  1. As of episode 4 I’m dropping this. I haven’t really enjoyed it since the start of episode 1 (good atmosphere and promising beginning) and I realised I really was just watching for the sake of it rather than enjoyment. Time to let it go.

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  2. I have yet to see episode 4, which I will probably watch after I have completed reading the posts from this morning, but like Karandi I am nearing the point where I am very likely to drop this.
    I really enjoyed the first episode, despite some flaws, but after that things really went downhill exactly as you said. Shame really as this show could really have been much better. 😢

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  3. Excellent post. You pretty much hit everything right on the head, or is it nail? Lol, an idiom I’ll probably never get right. ANYWAY, lol, I’m conflicted on whether I want to drop it yet or not. I wanna see how it will end, but I’m not sure if it’s worth trudging through.

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    • Thank you! I think it’s nail, but either way I know what you mean haha. I’m conflicted too, honestly. I want to drop it but I’m also curious about It. I think I’ll drop it for now but if I see any tweets or blog posts about it improving, I’ll give it another shot.

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  4. I feel the exact same with this series. I was so excited when I watched the first episode and it looked so promising but I’m starting to loose hope for this series after episode four. I’ve read a bit of the manga and I really liked Zack’s character on paper but I struggle to like him when animated. Maybe that’s due to the TOO crazy laughter and like you said he is kind of stupid. I’ll probably continue it to see what happens but I’m not expecting much at this point! I was hoping for a scare and I have yet to get one which I’m sad about too! Great post Rose!

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    • I like Zack’s crazy laugh (and basically all anime crazy laughs LOL) but yeah… I didn’t think he was stupid until episode 4 (the chair) – if you’ve seen that episode. Same, I want to feel scared LOL but it’s not giving me those emotions. 😦

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      • See the thing is I love crazy anime laughs too but I just feel like his is often pretty forced and it makes me sad because I want to like him and his crazy laugh 😂☹️ and yeah I didn’t get the chair thing 🤦🏻‍♀️ as soon as I saw it I was like oh that’s an electric chair and then he went and sat down and I was like no Zack no…😂 and I know! I’m always hopeful with these kinds of shows that they’ll give me the creeps but they never do 😕

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      • Yeah, I was like… Zack, you’re really going to sit on that chair? Then Rachel doesn’t react at all and said it’s not a good idea in a monotoned voice. I was like… k.

        Yeah, a scary anime would be great. Thinking of watching the Junji Ito anime but the manga fans aren’t too happy with the anime adaptation.

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      • That’s basically how I reacted to it all too 😂

        Yeah it would. Yeah I watched that anime when it aired and I wasn’t impressed with it. I didn’t find it scary at all really which was a real shame! I’ve read some of his manga which I do recommend checking out!

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