Songs That Inspire Hope During This Challenging Time

I’ve been feeling quite jaded with society lately re: panic buying due to the coronavirus. I.e. fights at the stores, stocking up baby wipes because hand sanitizers are sold out and leaving nothing behind for families with babies. I’ve lost some faith in humanity because of those people who resell toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitizers. When I read the news, it feels like an animal world. Every man for himself.

I’ve always been interested in human nature. I have a Psychology degree but I thought it wasn’t enough. I’ve examined portrayals of human nature depicted in novels, plays, textbooks, manga, dramas, films, music and video games. I think that I was secretly hoping to find something that said, humans are not selfish. You can believe in people.

Unfortunately, the recent news has not helped hahaha. Instead, I felt more pessimistic than I already was!

Then I came across two songs by Chinese artists I love. The first is my favourite singer, Hua Chenyu. I’ve written about him multiple times. The second is Wang Yibo, who starred in my favourite Chinese drama, The Untamed. Their songs inspire hope and give comfort for everybody around the world regarding the recent events. Their songs are on Spotify.

Hua Chenyu 华晨宇 – You Have To Believe This Is Not The Last Day 你要相信,这不是最后一天

This is a powerful song. Hua Hua writes about believing that this is not the last day and that better days will come. [English translation lyric YouTube video link here]

Wang Yibo 王一搏 – We Stay Together 因为我们在一起

Yibo has a calming singing voice and he makes you feel less anxious about everything. [English translation lyric YouTube video here]

Thanks Hua Hua and Yibo for using your talents and influence to instil hope in people (like me).

7 thoughts on “Songs That Inspire Hope During This Challenging Time

  1. Just to play Devil’s Advocate (because you already know I adore you, Rose!): you were selfishly searching for some tidbit to convince yourself that people aren’t selfish? Self-preservation is instinctive, and instinct can be a real bear! So just do what the college kids are doing down here: ask where the campus library is (because they NEVER went before!), then go in and steal toilet paper from the stalls. Hell, make it a drinking game for double the fun. . .

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  2. Thank you for the YouTube UK version link. That Chenyu song is so, so beautiful.
    Like you, I’ve been feeling jaded. Well, angry really, very angry for quite a while. Now I’m getting exhausted with it all. This is the time we should be together as a community, together as a world. The selfishness of some people beggars belief. We need to hold out hope that the good outweighs the bad. There’s goodness in this world and a lot of beautiful souls, it’s just that this situation shows us so much negative that the brightness gets buried underneath.
    Sending love, stay safe & well  ♥
    Caz xx

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    • Very well said, Caz!! I’m glad you liked the song. ^^ I agree with you – we need to come together as a community and together as a world. I also believe that there are lots of good-hearted people in this world and that’s been shown to me again and again. There is so much kindness in the world. We just need to stay positive!! I hope you’re safe and well too! ❤

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