How Do You Watch Anime?

This is kind of a weird topic, but hear me out. I feel like we all have our own ways of enjoying anime.

My Anime Wrap Up for 2018 – A Nerdy Perspective

I confess that I skip anime opening and ending songs… It’s not really good because that means I also skip the credits. I sometimes listen to the songs but I skip them most of the time. O_O

If a part of an episode is “boring” to me, I watch it at 1.25x, 1.5x, or 2x speed (it depends on how bored I am). When I am interested again, I set it back to the normal speed. I actually watch most YouTube videos (not including music) at 2x speed. This includes cooking videos, TedTalks, some vlogs, and more. I watch anime filler episodes at 2x speed. Since just about all the videos I watch have subtitles, watching at 2x speed is not an issue for me.

I watch anime in sub but that’s my personal preference. In my opinion, the whole sub vs. dub debate is so stupid.

I can’t really multitask while I watch anime. I need to give my full attention to whatever I’m watching.

I mostly watch shows by myself. I sometimes watch shows with my brother. Lately I’ve been watching The Untamed episodes over Discord voice chat with friends.

I know some people only watch shows once all the episodes are out. I’m fine with watching one episode every week. It gives me something to look forward to every week. Now that I’m staying home every day, I do binge watch shows. I couldn’t really afford to binge-watch when I was a student. Before the quarantine, I used to watch anime on public transit LOL.

Once an anime is finished, I almost never turn to the manga to continue the story. I just wait forever for season 2.

I feel like I’ve just exposed myself. Oh well. How do you watch anime?