Day 3: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This is unrelated, but spam comments are getting super annoying. I had to disable comments on a post because I had more than 70 spam comments on that post! They kept coming every single day.

I check through my spam folder because I sometimes see comments made by my blogger friends. It’s rare but it happens, unfortunately. Yomu recently wrote a post on AI generated posts, which reminded me of this. These bots… =_=

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner. Spoilers ahead.

Day 3: Favourite L Moment

My favourite L moment is when L tricked Kira on live television. He effectively proved to the world that 1) Kira exists, 2) Kira does not need to be there in-person to do the killings, 3) Kira could not kill L (Therefore, Kira probably needs a name and a face), and 4) Kira is in the Kanto region of Japan.

There were so many wins in that episode. L knew that Kira was childish and used that against him by talking about justice. Light lost his composure and messed up. L won that round.



In Day 1, I said that Light is my favourite character. That doesn’t mean that I am on his side. I don’t feel upset when Light loses to L. Unlike the shows, Kaiji and Rainbow, I do not support a certain side. I just like watching Death Note.