Cosplay: My Hero Academia

Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia

ochako cosplay



***The wig isn’t the best because they were used for previous cosplays*** I’ll be cosplaying more this break and I also want to redo three cosplays, but that might happen later. I hope you like my cosplays!


My Hero Academia – Inko Midoriya Cosplay

Inko Midoriya is the mother of Izuku (Deku), the protagonist of My Hero Academia.

I’ve cosplayed as high school girls (even though I’ve graduated from high school some years ago), as boys, and now I’ve cosplayed as a mother. I’ve even cosplayed as characters I don’t like before!


Fun fact: I sewed the apron!



Edit: It was brought to my attention that the wig for my Inko cosplay is not dark green enough. I completely agree, but I also wanted to say that the wig was originally used in an earlier cosplay. I didn’t spend a single cent on this cosplay.