My Month in Pictures

The month hasn’t ended yet, but I didn’t want to wait. >< This post is more personal because normally only my friends IRL see them, but I wanted to be more intimate with my blog? That sounds weird LOL. I take lots and lots of photos every month, so these are just more recent ones.

Class was outside today


The time I had class outside πŸ™‚ Blog post here.

Photos from my bdayΒ celebration

Guu Garden | sashami | Royal bento. Blog post here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone ❀ 

My first time at Deer Garden | Wearing the sweater they got me hahaha |Β My sad hot drink compared to everyone else’s green milk tea LOOL

Doggy visit at school/UBC!Β 

They really liked my strawberry plush keychain lol |Β A’s snapchat LOOL | That strawberry girl is me xD