Kido Tsubomi Cosplay (ft. cherry blossoms)



I got green high top sneakers this time. My wish is to take more photos in other cosplays before the cherry blossoms are gone this year.

One of the reasons why I cosplay is to express my love for anime. A lot of people have dedicated their blog to anime (by writing reviews). This is just a different way of showing my appreciation towards that.


Hair clips ft. Kido Tsubomi

I wrote that I would take photos to show my hair clips but I forgot about it until now. Sunny side up egg hair clip:


Emoji mantou hair clip. Whoops, it’s upside down.


Kido Tsubomi Cosplay (in a skirt)

When I was a kid I watched a lot of anime, but… I would have never thought that cosplaying would be one of my hobbies as an adult. Well, HERE I AM LOL.

I’ve never had an actual costume for Halloween in elementary school or high school. Maybe this has something to do with it… or not. Although I’m 20 years old, just about everyone says I look young like 15 or 16. The lady at the grocery store said it’s because I’m “too cute.”


So I decided to put my eternal youth into use and got into cosplaying!