Purikura On The iPhone

Hello everyone, I will be blogging about purikura on the iPhone. My previous post, entitled Purikura! talks about what purikura is, for those of you guys that don’t know. This post will be talking about purikura again, only you don’t always have to go to photo booths for it… you can cheat and use apps on your phone! It doesn’t have to be the iPhone because it can be an iPod Touch or iPad and other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy have other apps. I will be talking about three but there are literally hundreds of editing apps to pick and choose from! I installed these apps last night and played around with them this morning so I’m not professional at this at all. Let’s get started!

First of all, I will be using this photo as the original:


Okay, the three apps I used gave two different transformed photos. First, I used PhotoWonder and used an effect. I like Early summer. You can stop there and use PhotoWonder as a replacement app for Instagram, which I normally use. However, I wanted to make purikura photos today so I saved that photo and went to Camera360. With the saved photo from PhotoWonder, I used another effect on it from Camera360. I used the effect Sweet in Magic Skin. After that, I saved that photo and took it to GirlsCamera. With Girls Camera, I used a border and stamps and this was my end result:


What a difference! I made a second photo by using a different effect from Camera360. I used Jelly in Light Color and with the help of GirlsCamera stamps, this was the final picture:


The secret to making purikura photos on the iPhone is to use all sorts of different apps for a single photo. I only used three but you can use a lot more. Unless you find the most amazing app for purikura photos ever, have a couple or more apps just to be safe. With PhotoWonder, you can do more than just put an effect on a photo. You can actually liquify your face and body and therefore make yourself skinny. You can enlarge your eyes and make your mouth smaller and many other apps can also do this. These features – including red eye and acne removal – are just like photoshop. Of course photoshop is better but if you’re at a bus stop waiting for the bus or whatever, anyone can edit photos on the go. I am not going to explain how to do it because I don’t really want to edit my photos that way. I am satisfied with lighter colours and I actually really like it. I think I might use these apps for my normal photos more instead of Instagram – without the borders and stamps – but I will not use those extra features. I know that I can make my eyes bigger and all that but that could potentially make you look like an alien if you do it wrong.

I had GirlsCamera before and I used that app to write in my posts. See my post entitled Monolids and others. One thing that most people misunderstand is that a lot of girls and boys do not edit their photos because they’re insecure about themselves or that they’re fake. They’re not. Some people love it and they love seeing their photos really edited. You might not think it’s cool but they do. A lot of people get purikura or use Photoshop a lot because it’s part of their lifestyle. It’s not about insecurity, not at all. It’s part of lifestyle so what people have to know is that they should get to understand why they do certain poses or how they look or what they wear in photos and try to accept that. Of course there are people who edit their photos and claim that it wasn’t edited but that’s another category of people. I’m not talking about them.


Today I will be blogging about purikura! Purikura photos are VERY popular in Japan. If I lived in Japan I would get purikura all the time after school. My classmates and I would be in school uniforms and I can only imagine my legwarmers already. I would have a scrapbook of purikura stickers and I can just imagine myself giving my crush homemade chocolate in a box tied by a string… WHAT CRUSH. This is what watching anime and reading manga does to you. This is what Japan does to you. There are photo booths in arcades and malls and even here in Canada where I live. You can find these kind of photo booths around. The only problem here is that the booths are expensive! Not really haha but eight dollars for a photo!? Geez… What’s so cool about purikura photos versus normal photo booths are the many accessories you can add to it. Firstly, the camera makes your face super cute. It’s pretty hot in the rooms and all your face zits or moles or whatever just disappear, just like that. Once you’ve taken your photos, you add your accessories and there are a lot to choose from. Here are a couple of examples of me with my friends. This were taken in two and one year ago:


This one was taken two years ago. I am in the purple.


This was taken one year ago. I’m in the front with my tongue sticking out. I think I was in my own world or something when the one year ago photos were taken. Apparently I had a different expression than everyone else in all the photos… That’s just who I am – I’m often daydreaming or zoning out into my trail of thoughts.

The next post will be purikura… right in your phone! There are many apps you can use and I will be talking about three. I will most likely make the next post today. Keep on reading!

Japanese School Uniforms

It is now Spring Break and that means I can make longer posts. Oh, how I love to blog! Before I listened to rock and began my music obsession, I spent my days doing something besides listening to music. I watched anime non-stop! After a good few years of being an otaku, I became Japanese/ Korean/ Taiwanese drama crazy but let’s not get into that. I adored fashion in the Asian countries and watching these shows made me buy a lot of clothes made from Asia. One thing that intrigued me a lot were Japanese school uniforms. Even though I go to a public high school in Canada, I had to get my own school uniform. I really wanted one! That is why I got one:


The reason why many Japanese school uniforms look like cute outfits for sailors was to modernize Japan. They introduced Western clothing and that’s why they don’t dress like ninjas or anything like that. My uniform’s just for fun; it’s not so fun for actual Japanese school girls. Schools are pretty strict about the skirt length of the uniform and would even go as far as to measure it with a ruler! The usual length is about two inches below the knee. In anime and manga books, you may see girls with short, short, short skirts but that’s not true in reality! I guess the short attire is for entertainment purposes? Eh, that’s weird! Most uniforms have bows and I could have added a bow. Didn’t really think about that… As for leg warmers, I have plenty at home. I bought them when I was thirteen and bought actual, real leg warmers. The things Japanese school girls wear on their legs aren’t actually leg warmers – they’re just loose socks. Once the bell rings to signal the end of the school day, Japanese uniforms sure look super cute and girls can loosen their socks (guys can loosen their ties) and look fashionable! Since I was drawn to school uniforms three years ago, I remember doing a lot of research about them. I researched mainly about female uniforms and I’m surprised that I remembered this much about them. Anyways, I took the time to camera whore… Don’t mind me! This is me:



By the way, I’m Chinese. Fashion is my hobby and here is some more information about Japanese school uniforms. Elementary school students wear bright coloured caps. This may or may not be fashionable depending on your own judgement but this is actually to prevent accidents. These bright colours warn cars so it’s for safety purposes! I find this very interesting and pretty smart. One more thing… school uniforms are convenient. That part is pretty universal because you don’t have to take time out of your morning to choose your outfit and it saves you a lot of money. However, being the fashion lover I am, I am glad to be able to wear different clothes everyday to school. It’s self expression for me and I feel different every day!