Anime Boy Sketch

I finished the school term yesterday! In addition to this new drawing, I have a new cosplay which I will post tomorrow. ^__^

You know me, I like to be productive and I cosplay/blog/draw more whenever I get a break. I mean, I blog and cosplay even when I’m busy. Also I have ample amounts of free time, like a loser.

I’m still busy some days with practicum, my part-time job, and driving lessons.


I first drew this on paper then drew it again on my tablet. I subconsciously drew my favourite character… Izaya!

Izaya w/ Bubble Tea Fan Art

izaya bubble tea.png

I wonder if Izaya Orihara from Drrr likes taro bubble tea..? Would he like the tapioca pearls?

EDIT: I went back and changed the drawing. I added the background and a table.