Review: Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi (Hell Girl: The Fourth Twilight)

Synopsis: You can send someone you hold a grudge against to Hell if you access the Hell Correspondence website at midnight. Enma Ai and her team will do an investigation and give you a voodoo doll with a string attached. If you remove the string, the person will go to Hell. However, you will have to pay a price in which you will go to Hell too after you die.

The Fourth Twilight is the fourth season of Hell Girl, and each episode follows a different character who wants to send someone to Hell.


Out of the six episodes, I liked three. The cases are either a hit or miss. Some cases are interesting and eventful while other cases are silly. This anime is short, but I do like Hell Girl so getting some new episodes is better than nothing. There are six more episodes, but they are re-runs from previous seasons.


A new character is introduced and her backstory is revealed in episode 5. She also plays a significant role in episode 6. I don’t particularly hold any strong feelings toward the new character because she isn’t very fleshed out. I think the series is too short to explore her character further. We don’t dive deep enough to come to like her a lot.

I enjoyed Futakomori, the second season, a lot more so I recommend watching that over The Fourth Twilight. I blogged about Futakomori in an earlier blog post, which you can find here.