My Week in Pictures 3

It’s been a couple of years since my last Week in Pictures post.

For those of you wondering, yes, I am double vaccinated. Masks are not required indoors or outdoors in BC, Canada. I still wear masks when I go out (minus restaurants and secluded areas). I actually double mask and avoid places where there are a lot of people.

I loved the mango roll and aburi sushi. Everything was so fresh.

I got the Original pork loin and tried a bit of my friend’s Double Cheese pork loin. The portions were huge and the meat was crispy.

I finally got a hair cut! Just in time for the current heat wave, too.

I found three four-leaf clovers this week. You can find me at my Instagram clover account @misswaves

Another Update

I borrowed a few DS games from a friend. I played the first Ace Attorney game and finished the first case in 5-10 minutes! I’m not sure if it was just super easy or if I am just good. It’s probably just easy.

I am proud of myself. I took a full course load (five courses) and on top of that, did lab work as a Psych research assistant, held the title of Vice President Internal of an international psychology honours society, and mentored a child on a weekly basis. I woke up at 6 AM every Monday to Friday and one of my classes ended at 8 PM. That’s not what I’m really proud of, though. Lol. I have my final grades for all my courses this term and I didn’t get anything lower than an A-. I’m proud that I did well on top of all of those extracurricular activities. Some days I got four hours of sleep because I had to study. u_u

Remember my Bubble Tea review post? I would like to make a couple of changes! Firstly, Little Tea House in Metrotown – I did give it a poor review and I don’t regret it. I never sugar coat my reviews. HOWEVER — one of my close friends went there recently and said that the bubble tea taste improved a lot. They renovated the place and I think it’s worth giving a second chance! I know I’ll be going there again to see for myself.

Secondly… Big Orange in Metrotown – I didn’t talk about this bubble tea place much in that blog post so I’ll talk about it here. It used to be my favourite bubble tea place in Metrotown. Unfortunately, I had a poor experience there. The manager was highly unprofessional and I don’t see myself going there in the near future. Of course, this is only specific to the Metrotown location so I’ll still be going to their other franchise locations. You know me guys… I am generally pretty nice but I will say something if I feel like it. I do what I want on my blog!


Listening to: Abnormalize – Ling Tosite Sigure

Hair Cut+ My Instrumental Playlist

I did not expect my last post to be so popular, so I decided to blog again in the same style.

My friend and I went to a Korean salon after class and got hair cuts together. The hairdressers were young and pretty.

We ate kim bap for lunch and then got bubble tea at a nearby bubble tea shop. The app is called SNOW in case you were curious.

sweater – H&M (gift)

dress (gift)

cardigan (gift)

necklace (gift)

Here’s a playlist of instrumental songs I like. It’s not all of them because so many songs are not on SoundCloud. It’s a mix of sad/battle music/music box/violin/piano/everything. I find that instrumental songs are good for doing homework.

Asian Mullet Hairstyle

This post is about the Asian mullet hair style for girls. Before I get into that, I remember saying that I thought of around ten posts and I did. This is the last post I thought about doing and from now on, I might not make a post everyday because I’m awfully busy sometimes and free other times. I’m going to make a turn in my blog and do something new. I’m going to be doing more entries about the different sorts of things in my life. I’m already making diary posts but those are usually when I go somewhere or do something in my life. You’ll see what I mean when I make these posts. I will still be making fashion and beauty posts. Keep reading!

My hair is growing and it is slowly growing out of its Asian mullet. Therefore, I wanted to make a post to remind myself in the future of the cool hair I had, unless, of course, I have cooler hair in the future. I don’t think I’ll be keeping this hair and I’ll explain why later. Firstly, here is what a mullet on girls look like. I love it!

Asian Mullet Hairstyle

I can honestly say that I don’t know who this girl is. (I don’t know why I say honestly or to be honest at all, because I’m always telling the truth anyways) However, looking at the words at the bottom of the picture and the fact that she is downright gorgeous, I suspect that she is someone famous! I have a couple of photos of myself with the mullet hair style but the thing is, it’s not styled. Don’t tell me it doesn’t look like it because it does when it’s styled! You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Asian Mullet Hairstyle 2

Asian Mullet Hairstyle 3

The second photo looks a bit off but that’s when my hair is totally straight – like every single day. What an Asian mullet hair style is that there are crazy layers. When I say crazy, I’m talking about crazy layers. There are super short layers at the top of the head and it’s basically a whole bunch of layers at the top and a small section of straight hair at the bottom. I had a lot of hair but most of it was cut off near the end of my face. Having the mullet was all good and that, but this isn’t a tutorial about mullets. Instead, this can introduce you to the hairstyle if you did not know about it before (by the way, it’s the Asian version of scene hair, pretty much) and tell you about the downside of the hairstyle!!! Read on.

To achieve this hair, I had my friend cut it for me. I trust her and she’s not a professional hair cutter or anything but I trust her enough to cut my hair – and that’s a lot of trust. You can look at my old photos in the post entitled Taking Photos and look at my old hair. In my old photos, I have front bangs and straight hair. I used to go to hair salons only ever since I was seven or so. My mom used to cut my hair and it was HORRIBLE. Just like most Asian kids, I had a bowl cut. Mushroom hair with front bangs that were centimetres above my eye brows and uneven. When I was seven I got my hair cut at a salon and I even got layers. It was pretty cool but the razor hurt so much! Okay enough about my hair story. I might make a hair story post one day though… So my friend cut it with a razor or hair trimmer (I have one at home too) and what it did to my hair was it created a lot of split ends. Maybe if you use scissors it won’t make as much damage but it’s enough damage for me to not cut it anymore. Well, I guess I’m over-exaggerating a little. Sure, I have split ends now but it’s not that many hairs that are affected. Either way, my plan is to grow my hair out (all my cut mullet hair which will probably take YEARS to grow out since it’s so short) but then again, I don’t often listen to myself and might have it cut again. Wow I’m so rebel. Not cool.

Edit at 10:06 A.M.:

I know who the person in the first photo is! Her name is Mikki, also known as Lee Yeon Ju. She is a ulzzang model for girlsholic, a Korean store. She’s so pretty.

Edit on Tuesday, June 25, 2013:

Since the person in the first photo of this post is Mikki, it is obviously not my photo. I did not meet her and I do not own that photo.