Me in China



Listening to: Jay Chou 周杰倫 – Retreat 退後


Ting Mama De Hua – Jay Chou [Song quote]


Ting Mama De Hua/ Listen to Mother’s Words is a popular song by famous mandopop artist Jay Chou.

Unfortunately I did not finish this on time for Mother’s Day (a couple of hours past) but these are important lyrics that people should follow every day.

P.S. I drew watermelons because my mom and I are going to eat the fruit tomorrow.

Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea


from Chatime

I haven’t spent an entire day at home since the school year ended. I’ve been eating out a lot with different people everyday. It’s something like this:


Last Sunday – First day of summer break!!! I went to see my future home (currently under construction) for the first time

Monday – Went to meet up with a friend at 1:00, another friend 1:30-5:30, and then another friend 5:30-night. I got my Rilakkuma stuff and had Jap food for dinner.

Tuesday – Work.

Wednesday – Work.

Thursday – Bingsu with four friends!

Friday – Bubble tea and lunch with a friend. Then I went to a church event with her family.

Saturday – Beach day.

Sunday – Work, then bubble tea with a friend.

Monday – Mall day and bubble tea with another friend

Tuesday – Work

Wednesday – Sushi restaurant and bubble tea with another friend

Thursday (today) – Went to the University


Listening to: Kanon Wakeshima – Maboroshi

This is a song I can listen on repeat and just relax~ I think I want to spend the day inside tomorrow because I really like spending time with my family. On Tuesday my mom and I ate at a pho restaurant and then we watched the Sherlock special episode on Netflix. I love food.

Photo Diary #5


Every time my mom goes out, she always brings home food for me. Today, she brought home this Vietnamese sandwich. She bought two because she knows I have a big appetite. Even after work my mom regularly buys home all sorts of food for my brother and I. It’s just a snack for us and she has done this since forever! ^^

Photo Diary #3


Everyday my dad cuts fresh fruits for my brother and I. This is pear. Normally he cuts up two fruits.

My dad has been a vegetarian ever since I was a baby. I have never seen him eat junk food before and he eats a lot of nuts and beans to stay healthy.

We’ve had this vintage plate for as long as I remember.