Falling in Reverse – The Drug in Me is You Gold Tour 2020

I saw Falling in Reverse for the second time. You can read about the first time here.

So this was their second time performing in Vancouver and the openers were the bands, The Word Alive and Escape the Fate. FIR played every track on The Drug in Me is You album to celebrate that album becoming gold. This was perfect because it’s the album that got me into the band 7~ years ago back when I was 16! It’s also my favourite album of theirs.

They also played their new song, Popular Monster, which was awesome. My friend and I lined up early and got very close to the front, where the VIP ticket holders were. The concert was wild… There was a mosh pit during ETF and lots of crowdsurfing. Ronnie is so good at singing. It was awesome to see him so close in person and hear his beautiful voice. All in all, a cool and fun day.

The drummer of FIR liked my post of the concert on Instagram, which was icing on the cake.

Eyeliner for Monolids

Guess what? I have eye liner. Since I don’t wear make up to school, I didn’t own a lot of make up except for lip gloss and nail polish. Sindy gave me liquid eyeliner:


I don’t think that I will start wearing make up everyday now that I have eyeliner but I want to wear make up sometimes! For days such as Picture Day and graduation next school year, I want to wear more than just eye liner. Wearing eye liner when you have monolids is a challenge but it’s not as bad! I blogged about monolids here. Last time I went to MAC, a cosmetic store, I got some tips.

Don’t wear eye liner at the bottom because it will make your eyes look smaller. Also, don’t wear too much eye liner either. Read on to see that I don’t agree with that last statement.

I think that the eye liner at the bottom is very true. However, I think that a little bit of white at the corner is fine! In this post, Maya applied make up on me and there is white at the corner of my eyes.

Another thing, I don’t like pencil eyeliner. I think that goes for a lot of people – not just people who have monolids (but that’s just me). Pencil eyeliner doesn’t seem to have a lot of effect on me. I like to use liquid and I have not used gel yet.

Also, wings are always good! I like having a wing at the end of my eyes because it makes the eyeliner show so much more.

As for how thick your eyeliner is, I think that applying a lot of eyeliner is good. I know it’s supposed to make your eyes look smaller but think about it. If you apply a little bit of eyeliner, YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE IT. The flaps are going to cover everything and let’s say you do apply a moderate amount of eyeliner. it is visible but after a few blinks, it WILL disappear! That is why I suggest that people with monolids put a lot of eyeliner on in order to make it appear. It doesn’t look like a huge amount:


In this photo I only have eye liner on my face. I applied a lot of eyeliner on, but it doesn’t look that much. You have to apply a lot or else it will disappear. In this post, I had my eyeliner done by a MAC make-up artist and in the photo of myself, you could see my wing, but not the eyeliner above my eyes. It was there when I was in the store but gone the second I left the store. With experience, wear a large amount of eye liner because it’s not going to make your eyes look smaller. It’s going to make your eye make-up actually show. This amount of eyeliner lasted the entire day! Carmen helped me apply this make up on. She did one eye yesterday while I did the other. Thank you Carmen! Why go for double eyelid surgery when monolids look good already? I’m sorry but I am in love with my eyes. I have had enough people talk about my tiny eyes… People just don’t get that I don’t care about them! I hope this post helped a little!