School starts tomorrow so I won’t have the time to draw for a while. This may be possible if I were in high school, but university + volunteer + lab will take a lot of time out of my day. That being said, I am excited to show my first original character. The details are written below:


I’m posting this because I won’t be able to finish her tonight (and I want to do other hobbies rn). I probably won’t touch this drawing until I get a break so here you go.


Just Be Friends – Luka [Fan Art]


I admit, I felt that my drawings were not good enough. That’s why I didn’t draw for a couple of weeks. My mind is clear now, because there is no way to improve unless I draw more. Also, the most important thing is that I draw for fun. ^^

Just Be Friends is a song by vocaloid, Luka Megurine. This fan art drawing is based on the music video.

Buggy & Den Den Mushi Fan Art


I drew the Den Den Mushi from the Marineford Arc (in One Piece) and Buggy the Clown. At first, Buggy scared the Den Den Mushi/transponder snail but after he made it cry out of happiness. Buggy showed it compassion so I felt compelled to draw their relationship.

Death Note Fan Art


Yesterday, I finished watching the live action film, Death Note: Light Up the New World. I was listening to Promise and it led me to draw this. You could say that I was swayed by the music.

This is probably the darkest drawing I’ve done as I usually do colour. I drew Misa Amane and four feathers. In China, the number four (四) is an unlucky number because it sounds the same as the word, death.

Death Note font: https://fontmeme.com/death-note-font/

Promise OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5KGsHPQ4pM