My Favourite Anime

Many people ask me what anime I like. I’m not a big fan of shojo anime anymore.

Death Note (2006 – 2007) – 37 episodes


This was my favourite anime for many, many years. Now it’s my second favourite anime. It’s about a high school genius called Light Yagami who picks up a notebook from the ground. The notebook is called ‘Death Note’ and if you write a person’s name in it, they will die. You can also write down the time and cause of death. Light decides to become the “god of the world” and purge all criminals. The public knows Light as ‘Kira.’

It’s super interesting because it’s like a game of cat and mouse between Light and the greatest detective, L. L wants to catch Kira and you get to see two opposing sides of justice. I used to ask people who they support more and the answers were pretty mixed. Is Light a bad guy?

I love all the tricks and the soundtrack is the best I’ve heard in anime. It is popular all around the world. Some elementary schools have banned Death Note and there have been copycat crimes. There was an American Netflix adaptation. I watched it and they made heavy changes to the characters. It is definitely not on the same level of greatness as Death Note, the manga or anime, so I definitely encourage you to watch the anime or read the manga. You will see how Light changes after possessing the Death Note.

Inuyashiki (2017) – 11 episodes


One night at a park, an explosion takes place and two people are killed. The extraterrestrial beings that caused the explosion repair their bodies but turn the two people into robots. The two people are Inuyashiki, a 50 year old man who looks like a grandpa, and a teenager named Hiro. With their robot bodies, they are able to do a lot of things that humans cannot do, such as cure diseases, heal people, kill people, control technology, and fly into space. Inuyashiki uses his powers to do good and heal people. Hiro, on the other hand, uses his powers to mass murder people.

It’s very interesting to see how people react differently to new powers. I was interested from the start, but I wasn’t hooked until I watched episode 6. That’s when things really picked up. The ending made sense to me because I’m not sure how they would end it otherwise. It was kind of expected. The last episode showed President Trump and their depiction of him.


 Attack on Titan (2013 – present) – 37 episodes & ongoing

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Titans are huge creatures that eat people. Because of this, all the humans are forced to live within these walls and the anime follows a guy named Eren who becomes a member of the Survey Corps. The Survey Corps go outside of the walls and investigate and learn more about Titans. Later on, we learn that Eren is able to transform into a Titan and the humans decide to keep Eren alive because he can help them.

A lot of people die in every episode and it might be scary for young viewers. My favourite female anime character is in this anime and her name is Mikasa. She’s one of the best at killing Titans and is not afraid to kill traitors. One thing that makes the anime interesting is that there are a lot of traitors. The first episode is really good.

Tokyo Ghoul (2015) – 12 episodes


There is also Tokyo Ghoul √A and the ongoing season, Tokyo Ghoul:re. I haven’t caught up on the anime yet so I can’t talk about them.

Tokyo Ghoul was kind of slow for me. It wasn’t until the very last episode when I decided the whole thing was worth it. I talk about this in a lot more depth in my response post. It is spoiler-heavy so you might not want to read that yet.

Mainstream, I know. Well, things are popular for a reason. I actually read and watch just about everything. I’m not a big fan of slice of life though. Obviously these are not all the shows I like. I might do a part 2 if people are interested. Of course, I can’t not talk about One Piece.

One Piece (1999 – present) – 828 episodes & ongoing


Death Note was bumped to second place because of One Piece. To be honest, I didn’t like One Piece in elementary school. I loved Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho and Shaman King in the Shonen Jump magazines but I didn’t like One Piece because of the art style. It was also hard to follow. I became invested in One Piece when I was in second year university. I do believe that you need a certain kind of maturity to get into it. I loved the anime in the beginning but now I think I prefer the manga. Anime episodes get dragged on for a very long time. I’ve spent the past few days watching a backstory and the fighting has not started yet… I do both so I am far more ahead in the manga.

One Piece is about a young pirate named Monkey D. Luffy who has a dream of being the Pirate King. He forms a crew and each member has a backstory and Luffy helps them fight the people/thing they are struggling with. Brook didn’t officially join the Straw Hat Pirates until episode 381. Everyone in the crew has their own goals and ambitions. Their friendship is very strong and it’s one of the things that drew me in. The crew travels to different islands and they are usually faced with a conflict. Although pirates are typically seen as menacing, the Straw Hats are mostly good people and they have saved entire villages. The fact that they are pirates is very important to me because I like seeing how they live their lives. They all have Wanted posters and are seen as criminals by the Navy.

It is a commitment and the thing I hear the most is the fear of starting it because it is so long. That’s understandable, but you are definitely missing out. You can always read the manga instead. It’s never too late to start One Piece. Look at me, I started a couple of years ago.


Study Date with Moya

Moya (Moyatori) from The Moyatorium goes to the same university as me. Today, we met for the first time at a café!


Moya was trying to figure out my real name so that’s why we are holding Death Note volumes. I am L and Moya is Light.





This is my first time meeting another blogger in real life. It’s fun!

Superstar Spotlight: Kwang-ho Hong

Kwang-ho Hong is one of my favourite singers. He is a musical theatre actor from South Korea. Some of his most famous works include Jekyll & Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera, Notre-Dame de Paris, Miss Saigon, and Death Note. He has starred in numerous other musicals.

A couple of years ago, I was going through a rough time and felt hatred towards all men. I came across a video of Kwang-ho Hong singing “All I Ask of You” from my favourite musical, The Phantom of the Opera (2009). I felt so moved… and decided to open my heart. I think I cried.

I started to search him online and found out that he first played Raoul in POTO. A year later, he played Erik, the Phantom. Kwang-ho Hong was one of the youngest Phantoms in the world!

I also found out that he played Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Jekyll & Hyde. It’s one of my favourite books and “This is the Moment” is one of my favourite songs. He sings it so well. He also played Quasimodo in Notre-Dame de Paris, which is a story I like as well.

As if things were not enough, he also acted as Light Yagami from one of my favourite anime, Death Note (2015). I felt that Kwang-ho Hong and I are super alike in terms of his roles and my interests. I cannot think of any other person who is better suited to play Light.

Kwang-ho Hong is most famous for playing Thuy in Miss Saigon (2014). He went to London and sang in English for West End theatre! West End theatre is huge in the musical theatre industry.

It’s my dream to watch Kwang-ho Hong perform live in a musical. Although I do not understand Korean, I can still appreciate the music. The fact that I do not understand Korean is not too important because I can still feel the emotion he pours into his music.

I hope by doing this post, I can bring more attention to Kwang-ho Hong because he made an impact in my life. He is truly talented at performing live and his accomplishments are impressive. ❤

Death Note Fan Art


Yesterday, I finished watching the live action film, Death Note: Light Up the New World. I was listening to Promise and it led me to draw this. You could say that I was swayed by the music.

This is probably the darkest drawing I’ve done as I usually do colour. I drew Misa Amane and four feathers. In China, the number four (四) is an unlucky number because it sounds the same as the word, death.

Death Note font:

Promise OST:

Death Note Fan art: Gelus in the Shinigami Realm


Gelus fell in love with Misa Amane and died to save her life. He died because shinigami/ gods of death are supposed to kill humans, not protect them.

Death Note font:

Death Note notebook

I did a gift exchange with fellow blogger, Bambi. You should check out her blog! Bambi lives in America while I am in Canada.

I got the notebook from the anime, Death Note! P.S. I took these photos on my bed so that explains the stuffed animals.


Nice cover material


Third page of the rules


The rules are all there 😛


String and feather pen

To my pleasant surprise, there are already names in here. The names of the actual characters who died are here. The writings are in Japanese Kanji. I appreciate this because it sticks closer to the original series and not the English dub. Do not fret, I can read some Chinese (which is basically the same as Kanji) which means I will help in translating. I’ll show some photos, but please – if you have not watched or finished the series but plan to, stop reading here. These are spoilers! I did not take photos of all the written names because that would be a lot.




The first name Light Yagami wrote in the Death Note: Kurou Otoharada. He was the criminal at the nursery home. Light tested out the Death Note by writing his name.


Takuo Shibuimaru’s name is written in different ways. Light wasn’t sure of the spelling of his name. He was the person on a motorcycle who was harrassing a woman. At this point Light was still testing out the notebook.


Lind L. Tailor was a criminal sentenced to die, and went on live television while pretending to be L. This was L’s plan to find clues on Kira. Light killed him, thinking that he was the real L.


Light tests the boundaries of the Death Note by getting inmates to do strange tasks, before their deaths.


In order to get the identity of the agent following him, Light comes up with an elaborate plan involving the death of criminal Kiichiro Osoreda.


Both Light and Raye Penber write on this page. Penber kills all 12 FBI agents without even knowing it! It is cool to know the number of characters who have touched and/or written in this notebook.


Naomi Misora (killed by Light) and Kiyomi Takada (killed by Teru Mikami) are amongst the other names written inside.

The last name in this is Light’s name, written by Ryuk.


The notebook has the major names of victims killed by the Death Note. It does not have all the names (which I am thankful for because A LOT of criminals died in the series). It is not 100% accurate. For example, the page Penber wrote on was ripped out of the Death Note. The fact that it has the important deaths in one place is something that I like.

The rest of the notebook pages are blank, free for the owner to use. Hence, the feather pen. You may be wondering if I will be writing in this. I wanted this because I am a huge fan of the anime, and also for cosplay purposes. As far as I know, I will not be writing names down.