Day 5: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner. Spoilers ahead.

Day 5: Most Annoying Character

The most annoying character is Hitoshi Demegawa.

A lot of people think of Misa Amane but I think she has a lot of strong points. I actually prefer her over Kiyomi Takada. In the end, Light used both of them. This is a side of him that I despise. They were his victims.

Demegawa, on the other hand, is the type of person who places money above human lives. He doesn’t care about anybody else unless he has something to gain. I find these kinds of the people especially irritating.

For those of you who don’t remember, he was the director of Sakura TV. He was a scammer who claimed that he was Kira’s supporter. I highly doubt that. In the end, he was killed off by the Death Note.

Hitoshi DEMEGAWA (Charakter) | aniSearch