Day 12: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 12: Favourite Kira Tactic

My favourite Kira tactic is when Light hid the Death Note.

Let’s say you obtained a Death Note AND you decided to use it. You would need to hide it, right? It’s not realistic to keep it on you at all times. How would you hide it? You can’t just stuff it in your drawer. I mean, you could but that wouldn’t be very smart of you.

Light made a false-bottomed drawer… and put an ordinary diary there. The real Death Note was under the false-bottomed drawer. It’s not hard to figure out there’s a false bottom. But would you expect there to be a false bottom under the false bottom? That’s not all. The best part is that if you realize it and use force to get the second notebook, it’ll go up in flames. If that happens, you’ll see the remains of a notebook. You wouldn’t know it was a Death Note. Light even thought of how to explain it.

There’s a certain way to get the Death Note and you need to use a part from an ink pen. Do you see how smart Light is?

Day 6: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner. Spoilers ahead.

Day 6: Most Epic Scene

This may be surprising to some of you but I think the most epic scene is in the first episode.

It’s the scene where Light explains to Ryuk that he wants to be the god of the new world. He talks about his vision.

Let me just say that I do not agree with Light’s vision. From a moral stance, I do not agree. I also think his way of thinking is flawed and I have a lot of questions.

I bet you that some of the people he killed were actually innocent people. Meaning, they were falsely accused of a crime. It happens.

It seems there is no threshold for the crime. Kira kills them all. I disagree with this. Light has a God complex, which forms the basis of the whole show. As someone who obviously does not have a God complex, his way of thinking is just so irrational to me.

One of his reasons was that it would deter people from committing crimes. It’s not that simple. Unless we address and dismantle the systems that perpetuate inequality, not much will change. We see this after Kira’s death. After he died, things went back to normal… including crime rates.



This scene was the most epic because it made me interested in watching the rest of the series. While I disagree with Kira and think that he is evil, I was curious and wanted to know what he was planning to do next. I like series that show us different perspectives because we learn something new. If we just enjoyed series that aligned with our way of thinking, I think we would quickly become bored.

Day 1: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner. Spoilers ahead.

Day 1: Favourite Character

My favourite character is Light Yagami, but only in the beginning. I’m not saying that I agree with Light’s vision nor am I saying that his crimes are justified. We know right from the start that Light is a villain because he is the main character. We follow him around and know what he is thinking. We quickly learn that he is a genius. He is a brilliant protagonist.

We also see him succumb to evilness as the story progresses. He loses himself as Light and Kira “takes over.” I think I like Light but I do not like his Kira side, if that makes sense. Kira has no regard for Light’s family. Below is a clip of Kira’s infamous laugh from the last episode. Notice how the video is titled “Kira’s Laugh” and not “Light’s Laugh.”