Day 15: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 15: What would you do if you got a Death Note?

I’ve actually thought about this question before. Let’s start from what I thought when I was younger (childhood and adolescent years).

When I was younger, I thought that I would keep a Death Note if the shinigami cared about you. For example, the way Rem cared about Misa and even gave up her life to save Misa. Lots of anime protagonists have companions (i.e. Sailor Moon, Hikaru no Go, Shaman King, Cardcaptor Sakura, Shugo Chara, Full Moon o Sagashite). I saw it as the same thing but only if the shinigami cared about you. After all, they are gods of death. I wouldn’t want a menacing shinigami to follow me everywhere. I would not write in it though.

At the time, I thought that a Death Note would be useful for self-defence. I think differently now. What are the chances of actually needing it? Furthermore, you would have to 1) recognize that you’re in danger and be certain of it, 2) have enough time to write down their name, and 3) know their face and name (assuming you don’t have the shinigami eyes). I don’t think we need one for that reason.



If I picked up a Death Note today, I would give it up. If possible, I think I would destroy it because we don’t need such a destructive weapon in the world. No good follows those who use them.

Take Minoru Tanaka from the Special One-Spot from this year. (You can read my review here). He didn’t have a grand vision like Light did. He was more selfish, like most of us. He was smart enough and succeeded in earning a lot of money by selling the Death Note. He was never caught and his memories of the Death Note were erased. Spoiler alert: He meets a bitter end.

That’s a wrap! I actually blogged for 15 days in a row. Next month, I’ll be participating in Inktober. We’ll see how far I go with that. As always, thanks for reading.

Day 14: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 14: Favourite Theme

Favourite OP

the WORLD – Nightmare

This song used was my ringtone for years. I’ve only had two ringtones. My current one is Next to You (Parasyte).

Favourite ED

Alumina – Nightmare

Favourite Character Theme Song

L’s Theme (A)

Favourite Instrumental Song

Boredom (Taikutsu)

I think that Death Note has one of the best anime soundtracks.

I watched Death Note when I was around 11 years old. I’m turning 24 next month. In a way, this blogging challenge is nostalgic for me. Death Note is that memorable, and that includes the music.

Day 12: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 12: Favourite Kira Tactic

My favourite Kira tactic is when Light hid the Death Note.

Let’s say you obtained a Death Note AND you decided to use it. You would need to hide it, right? It’s not realistic to keep it on you at all times. How would you hide it? You can’t just stuff it in your drawer. I mean, you could but that wouldn’t be very smart of you.

Light made a false-bottomed drawer… and put an ordinary diary there. The real Death Note was under the false-bottomed drawer. It’s not hard to figure out there’s a false bottom. But would you expect there to be a false bottom under the false bottom? That’s not all. The best part is that if you realize it and use force to get the second notebook, it’ll go up in flames. If that happens, you’ll see the remains of a notebook. You wouldn’t know it was a Death Note. Light even thought of how to explain it.

There’s a certain way to get the Death Note and you need to use a part from an ink pen. Do you see how smart Light is?

Day 11: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 11: Favourite Police / FBI Agent

Stephen Gevanni. He is a member of the SPK that works for Near.

I wrote about him in Day 10.

Stephen Gevanni | Death Note Wiki | Fandom

Day 10: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 10: Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss L Lawliet

Marry Stephen Gevanni

Gevanni is highly underrated. He’s one of my favourite characters.

For those who don’t remember, Gevanni worked for Near. He was the one who replicated the Death Note in one night. Without him, Near probably would not have succeeded.

Gevanni is incredibly talented. He was asked to join Near because of his skills. If he was a character in Danganronpa and younger, I think he would be an Ultimate student.

Kill no one

This is a lose-lose type of question. If I say a name, some people might think that I’m violent or whatever. If I don’t say a name, some people might think that I’m no fun.

Although there’s a handful of characters I don’t like, there isn’t a character I would want to kill. If anything, Kira is the evilest. Funnily enough, Light is also my favourite character (Day 1). Villains are essential to the plot.

Day 9: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 9: Favourite L Quote



I am a bit late but it’s still Day 9 for me since I haven’t slept yet…

There are many types of monsters that scare me: Monsters who cause trouble without showing themselves, monsters who abduct children, monsters who devour dreams, monsters who suck blood… and then, monsters who tell nothing but lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance: They are much more cunning than others. They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart; they eat even though they’ve never experienced hunger; they study even though they have no interest in academics; they seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such monsters, I would likely be eaten by them… because in truth, I am that monster.” – L Lawliet

I thought about this quote a lot some years ago. Which one is more terrifying – an evil person who shows their true colours or an evil person who hides behind a mask? I think it’s the latter.

What kind of “monster” devours dreams? Is it society as a whole? Could it be a close-minded parent?

RE: “they study even though they have no interest.” I think this is quite common.

There’s a lot to unpack here. But the thing that strikes me the most is the last part:

“because in truth, I am that monster.”



Judging by this quote, I don’t think that being a monster is a bad thing. Isn’t it just being a human?

From what L is saying, I am a monster. I don’t see anything wrong with this… but maybe I am proving his point.

Day 8: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 8: Favourite Light Quote

Surprisingly, I don’t really have a favourite quote by Light. This one is not bad:

You can’t ever win if you’re always on the defensive. To win, you have to attack.” – Light Yagami



One of the games I’m playing is Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. You play Prisoner’s Dilemma in the game, where you choose “Ally” or “Betray.” It seems that choosing “Betray” often leads to the better outcome. Some food for thought.

This quote makes me think of the survival of the fittest. I’ve talked about this topic a few times. If you’re interested, here are a couple of posts:

Song Interpretation: 薛之謙 Joker Xue – 動物世界 Animal World

Parasyte Episode 14: The Selfish Gene

Day 6: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner. Spoilers ahead.

Day 6: Most Epic Scene

This may be surprising to some of you but I think the most epic scene is in the first episode.

It’s the scene where Light explains to Ryuk that he wants to be the god of the new world. He talks about his vision.

Let me just say that I do not agree with Light’s vision. From a moral stance, I do not agree. I also think his way of thinking is flawed and I have a lot of questions.

I bet you that some of the people he killed were actually innocent people. Meaning, they were falsely accused of a crime. It happens.

It seems there is no threshold for the crime. Kira kills them all. I disagree with this. Light has a God complex, which forms the basis of the whole show. As someone who obviously does not have a God complex, his way of thinking is just so irrational to me.

One of his reasons was that it would deter people from committing crimes. It’s not that simple. Unless we address and dismantle the systems that perpetuate inequality, not much will change. We see this after Kira’s death. After he died, things went back to normal… including crime rates.



This scene was the most epic because it made me interested in watching the rest of the series. While I disagree with Kira and think that he is evil, I was curious and wanted to know what he was planning to do next. I like series that show us different perspectives because we learn something new. If we just enjoyed series that aligned with our way of thinking, I think we would quickly become bored.

Day 5: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner. Spoilers ahead.

Day 5: Most Annoying Character

The most annoying character is Hitoshi Demegawa.

A lot of people think of Misa Amane but I think she has a lot of strong points. I actually prefer her over Kiyomi Takada. In the end, Light used both of them. This is a side of him that I despise. They were his victims.

Demegawa, on the other hand, is the type of person who places money above human lives. He doesn’t care about anybody else unless he has something to gain. I find these kinds of the people especially irritating.

For those of you who don’t remember, he was the director of Sakura TV. He was a scammer who claimed that he was Kira’s supporter. I highly doubt that. In the end, he was killed off by the Death Note.

Hitoshi DEMEGAWA (Charakter) | aniSearch

Day 4: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

Good morning~

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner. Spoilers ahead.

Day 4: Relatable/Ideal Character

“Relatable” and “Ideal” are not the same. For me, anyway.

Ideal Character: L Lawliet

L is the best detective in the world. He has “rivals” (detectives) but they are actually all him. He created those fake identities. Near, Matt, and Mello are geniuses as well, but they can only surpass L if they work together. L is one of a kind. You can’t find anyone else in the world like him.



Relatable Character: Touta Matsuda

While I wish I was a master detective like L, sadly I am just an ordinary human being. Matsuda is an ordinary character. He’s a police rookie but he has good morals. He’s the youngest and most inexperienced one on the team but he’s good to have around. Matsuda is a little clumsy but he can be useful sometimes.

Touta Matsuda - Death Note - Platypus and Bean

The ordinariness is killing me. I hate it.

I wrote a post titled, “Ordinary Person.” It talks more about this topic. You can read it here.