I’ve always wanted to post a photo of a squirrel

…but I never got a “good” photo. Today, I took a photo of two! I like squirrels because you can’t see them in every country, and also because they’re cool!

I took this at school today because there are so many at my university! ^^





Here are two things that keep me organized. The first is a Cash Book. I write down the things I buy and its price so I can see where my money has gone. I don’t record food or drinks because that would be too much work. I’ve spent a lot of money this month….. It’s good to have this because now I know to calm down on the shopping LOL. This was $2 at Daiso.

The second item is a small notebook. This is where I write down my schedule every week for work, volunteer, and hangouts with friends and family. I chose this to be my planner because of its small size so I can carry it in my purse or bag. A regular agenda would work too. I also write my next episode number in here for my shows.

My Rilakkuma Collection


Close up:


  • pencil case
  • school bag
  • tote bags
  • notebook
  • keychain
  • plushies
  • cell phone holder
  • mouse pad
  • earmuffs
  • hoodie
  • pouches/wallets
  • cord holders
  • stamp set
  • hooded scarf

I’m getting a Rilakkuma plush tray at the end of this month to carry my Rilakkuma plushies. I might put my other plushies (not Rilakkuma ones) in the tray too if they can fit LOL.