Cautious Hero Episode 1 Impressions

Cautious Hero or Kono Yūsha ga Ore Tsuē Kuse ni Shinchō Sugiru is an isekai anime. Seiya Ryuuguuin is summoned by Goddess Ristarte to fight against the Demon Lord and save Gaeabrande. Seiya has impressive stats but he is overly cautious. He thinks that that everyone is suspicious and is extremely careful when it comes to… everything.

I could relate to Seiya in some ways. I am a cautious person myself, but definitely not at Seiya’s level. In video games, I also buy 30-50 of the same item. In games like the Tales series where you can only buy 15 of a single item, I buy the maximum quantities. In real life, I usually buy 2 of something (if I know that I will like it, will continue to use it, and if the expiry date is still far away).

Seiya’s level of cautiousness is really funny. I don’t think it would still be funny if he was a real person, but in the context of anime and an isekai anime, in particular, it’s hilarious. It makes sense though. Gaeabrande is a completely new world full of unknowns, so being cautious is probably for the better. Probably.

I’ll find out when I watch more episodes. Have you seen Cautious Hero? What do you think?