Dinner with Moya

If you’re an anime blogger, you probably know Moya from her blog, The Moyatorium. If you’ve read a certain older blog post of mine, you would know that I met her for the first time in February of this year. I bumped into her on the bus a while back, so this is technically our third time meeting!

We went to Hachibei, a Japanese restaurant my Psych professor told me about. I ordered katsudon (pork cutlet) and Moya ordered the tofu hamburger.




5 Years Blogiversary

WordPress reminded me on February 25 that it was my blogiversary! I’m a little late on posting this but thanks everyone for reading my blog~

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.57.09 AM


Listening to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCfmkk09GrA

Study Date with Moya

Moya (Moyatori) from The Moyatorium goes to the same university as me. Today, we met for the first time at a café!


Moya was trying to figure out my real name so that’s why we are holding Death Note volumes. I am L and Moya is Light.





This is my first time meeting another blogger in real life. It’s fun!

Life of a Blogger

Sometimes people ask me for blogging tips. Honestly, I have no idea.


One Piece posters at the back

I don’t really do reviews and I don’t really do tutorials either. To be frank, I’m not really contributing anything. All I do is stay at home and watch One Piece. Yet some people are still asking me for advice on blogging. I guess people are interested in my blog to learn more about what it means to have a simple and authentic life. I just take photos of things that are already occurring in my life and then post them to my blog. Everyone is different but for me, blogging does not take too much work or time. It comes naturally!


Face of the girl behind this blog

Speaking of One Piece, I got this painting of Roronoa Zoro some months ago for my birthday. I have no idea what to do with it… Help?


Blocking out the words to keep it PG13 for you kids out there