Tokyo Ghoul – Kaneki Cosplay

I cosplayed as Kaneki with the mask and white hair in December of last year (you can see those photos here). I cosplayed as him again and I like these new photos more. Kaneki Ken is from the anime, Tokyo Ghoul.

His black hair turned white after experiencing tremendous stress. I wrote about that in my Tokyo Ghoul Final Episode review/impressions post.





Cosplays: Gumi & Kaneki

I cosplayed as the vocaloid, Gumi, from her music video, Difficult Love (Nankai Renai). Once again, thank you WeekendOtaku for the wig (for those of you don’t know, I won a prize by participating in his Your Lie in April themed posts). 


Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul


I’m planning on cosplaying as Kaneki with white hair again. I’m also planning on cosplaying as Hotaru Shidare from Dagashi Kashi.

Character VS Cosplay (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my earlier Character VS Cosplay post. You can read that here.

13. Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan


14. Yuki Negato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


15. Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-chan (school uniform)


16. Seven/707 from Mystic Messenger (Korean otome game)


17. Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion


18. Saber from Fate/stay Night


19. Gumi from Matryoshka (vocaloid song)


20. Ryo from Sanrio Danshi/Sanrio Boys


21. Near from Death Note


22. Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul (coffee shop server)


I hope you guys like my cosplays. ^_^

More Low-Budget Anime Cosplays

These are anime cosplays that I did not have buy anything for. I already had everything, either from previous cosplays or from my closet. I borrowed some small things from family members and friends.

1. Near from Death Note



The wig might be the most expensive thing, but you can find $15 wigs online. Most of us own a white dress shirt and a pair of blue pants.

If you want props, you can get a die from a board game set. I borrowed dice from a friend because I rarely have company over. My Death Note has the rules and names of the characters from the anime in it, but if you can buy a black notebook and silver Sharpie marker to make your own Death Note. To be more accurate, I would make Gelus’s (Misa’s) Death Note because that is the one Near holds in the anime (instead of Light’s Death Note that you see here).

2. Kowaru from Neon Genesis Evangelion (casual)


The plugsuits in Neon Genesis Evangelion would definitely be more expensive so you can cosplay as Kowaru in his casual clothes instead. Again, the wig is the most expensive thing. Most of us probably have a white dress shirt (short-sleeved), orange shirt, black pants and white shoes.

I borrowed the orange shirt from a family member.

3. Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul (coffee shop server)



Kaneki with white hair is more expensive because of the mask, but you can cosplay as him with black hair. I already owned the white dress shirt, black vest and red tie. If you have short black hair, you don’t have to buy a wig.

The final thing is to make the eyepatch. I used two makeup remover wipes/sheets (dry) from Miniso and they were the perfect size. I didn’t have to cut them or anything. I also used a hot glue gun, hot glue gun glue stick, string, scissors and tape from home. Everyone’s face is a different size so I just put the string to my face and cut it accordingly. I taped the strings to one makeup remover sheet and then glued the second remover sheet over it.

If you are willing to spend money, you can buy elastic string instead. If you don’t have white string at home, you might as well buy elastic string for the eyepatch.

4. Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish (pink sweater)


I included Tsukimi in her grey sweater outfit in my first Low-Budget post. Since she has simple outfits, it is easy to cosplay as her. I already had the pink sweater, blue skirt, white socks and sneakers. The red glasses were used in her grey sweater outfit cosplay, and they were from the dollar store. Remember to push out the glass if they have prescriptions. You can also buy non-prescriptive glasses for very cheap.

The jellyfish plush is optional.

You can read my first low-budget anime cosplay post here. Remember that you can go to thrift stores or department stores like Walmart for cheap clothes. If you want something specific to a character but money is a concern, or if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on cosplay, you should definitely check out Buy and Sell cosplay groups in your community on Facebook! Happy cosplaying!

Anime Cosplays: Ryo/Near/Karamatsu

Ryo from Sanrio Danshi/Sanrio Boys


Near from Death Note



Karmatsu from Osomatsu-san

I’ve cosplayed as Karamatsu before (including a genderbend version) but I had red roses at home so I had to cosplay as him again. I can see improvements in my cosplays when I look at my older male Karamatsu cosplay photos.



Anime Cosplay Prop Ideas

Food & drink

You could use random foods and drinks as props, but the ones I’ve done so far are related to the character. L likes sweets, Seven likes honey butter chips, the apple appears throughout Death Note, Umaru likes Cola and Neon Genesis Evangelion promotes UCC Coffee in advertisements.

Manga is also a prop that I used for my Umaru cosplay.


This is a real rose from my graduation and I used it in my Osomatsu-san cosplay of Karmatsu.


I used my plush of Clara in my Princess Jellyfish cosplay. Other plush prop ideas:

  • Chopper plush for One Piece cosplay
  • Mii-kun plush for How To Keep A Mummy cosplay
  • Jiji plush for Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay
  • Sanrio plushies for Sanrio Boys cosplay
  • Pokeball plush for Pokemon trainer cosplay


I took these for my collaboration post with The Pantless Anime Blogger!

Happy cosplaying!