Spring Cleaning & IG Shop

I didn’t show this side of my desk before because it was cluttered with papers (I was studying for finals at the time). Here ya go.


I did some spring cleaning and organized this. I own a lot of jewelry but for some reason, I always wear the same few necklaces and earrings. Lol. These are the pieces I wear every single day.

I mainly just wear necklaces and studs. For necklaces I like crystal necklaces (a few of these were custom-made) and chokers.


Speaking of spring cleaning – I donate/throw out a bag of clothes two times a year, and minimize my possessions once a year. This time around, I created an Instagram shop @misswaves_shop, in which I sell anime and manga items, cosplays, and books for very cheap. Most things are half the price I paid for.

Why did I create an online shop?

1) I need more space in my room.

2) It would be too sad to throw these out. I’m already throwing out a ton of stuff and these are in good condition. I don’t need these things.

3) Why not donate? I would love to make some extra money right now, even if it’s a little.


1) It’s only open to ppl in British Columbia, Canada. Sorry about that. ūüė¶

2) Meet ups are at the University of British Columbia or skytrain stations.

3) Message me over Instagram, comment on the photo, or contact me through this blog if you’re interested in buying something! ^^



everyday accessories


I like to keep¬†a lucky clover with me. If I don’t have one I go outside. It takes about three minutes.

Now that it is summer, I wear a hat or cap. I bring my phone, headphones, and keys.


I like to wear a crystal necklace. I sleep with my studded earrings.

no makeup