Spring Cleaning

I didn’t show this side of my desk before because it was cluttered with papers (I was studying for finals at the time). Here ya go.


I did some spring cleaning and organized this. I own a lot of jewelry but for some reason, I always wear the same few necklaces and earrings. Lol. These are the pieces I wear every single day.

I mainly just wear necklaces and studs. For necklaces I like crystal necklaces (a few of these were custom-made) and chokers.

Speaking of spring cleaning – I donate/throw out a bag of clothes two times a year, and minimize my possessions once a year.


everyday accessories


I like to keep a lucky clover with me. If I don’t have one I go outside. It takes about three minutes.

Now that it is summer, I wear a hat or cap. I bring my phone, headphones, and keys.


I like to wear a crystal necklace. I sleep with my studded earrings.

no makeup