10 Things That Are Bringing Me Joy Right Now!

Crimson wrote about ten things that bring them joy, and their post got me thinking about the things that bring me joy.

1. Coffee. I usually start my day with coffee. My go-to coffee order is one cream, one sugar. I like to order pumpkin drinks in the fall and iced coffee in the summer. When I’m at home, I use an AeroPress and add frothed milk on top.

2. Danmei. There is a lot of anticipation happening now in the danmei community. We are expecting Immortality (hopefully) and a few other BL dramas. Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 will be released (hopefully), and I’m still clinging to the hope that The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System Season 2 will be released. I’ve preordered Guardian Volume 1, which will be released later this year (hopefully), and there are other danmei series being published, like The Husky and His White Cat Shizun.

3. Manhwa. There’s been a rise in anime and webtoons where the villain/villainess is the main character and there are a lot of revenge stories. The stories I like are either A) the main character reads a book/plays an otome game, dies, wakes up in the book/game’s villain’s body, and acts differently in order to avoid a terrible fate, B) the MC is murdered by a loved one, goes back to the past, and hatches a revenge plan, or C) the MC is betrayed and hatches a revenge plan. My favourite manhwa at the moment is probably Remarried Empress. What I like about the female lead in Remarried Empress is that I don’t think she’s intentionally getting revenge. She’s just improving her situation because she’s been wronged, but it’s so satisfying.

4. Animal Crossing. One of my 2023 goals is to start a YouTube channel. I want to give a tour of my island. My island is my space where I have total freedom and control. It’s almost near completion, so I want to show it before I restart. I hate that you can’t have more than one island per Switch. I’m not willing to buy another Switch just to start a new island (some avid players have) so I want to make a video of my island so I can remember it. I might dabble in making AMVs as well, but one thing at a time. πŸ˜‰ One basic thing that recently occurred to me is that we can do so many things, and I intend to take advantage of that. I learned how to play Go yesterday.

5. Samsung watch. My boyfriend gifted me a Samsung watch for Christmas, and I really like it because it records a lot of data. As someone who has volunteered and worked as a research assistant on different teams for several years, you could say that I love data. I’m most interested in my sleep data, but it’s also nice for other reasons like snoozing my alarm and notifying me when I’m getting a phone call.

6. YETI water bottle. I was gifted a water bottle for Christmas, and it has motivated me to drink more water. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. It’s like when people buy a new keyboard to motivate them to write more. I have the mint YETI bottle.

7. Keychron keyboard. Speaking of keyboards, I love my keyboard. My boyfriend gifted me a Keychron keyboard when I got a new PC last year, and two of my friends donated their spare keycaps. I customized my keyboard with three sets of keycaps. I also added a Bulbasaur keycap because it fit with my theme. Cosmetics do matter. My keyboard is wired and supports Bluetooth, which I’ve taken full advantage of.

8. Music. The music I like best is very niche. Most of it is not on Spotify, but I pay for it for the convenience. I like to listen to music throughout the day. My current favourite song:

9. Subbers and translators. I always feel like a part of my mind is elsewhere because I breathe, sleep, and eat fiction. I love novels/web novels, manga/manhwa/webtoons, Asian dramas, anime/donghua, games/visual novels, and more. Anyway, subbers and translators have my love.

10. Handwritten cards and letters. I’m always happy to receive something handwritten because it feels special and intimate. Somebody thought of me and took time out of their day to write me a card. I’ve kept all of the cards and letters I’ve received.

Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “10 Things That Are Bringing Me Joy Right Now!

  1. this was so fun to read!!! i love that your start was coffee, like even before starting this post, lemmi get my coffee xD youtube youtube! share a link, I wanna follow! also, I think maybe I should finally play this game? everyone I know is playing it, has been playing it for forever now, HMMMM. i have a Samsung watch I’ve neglected, I’ve been trying to wear it again for the reasons you mentioned, I kind of like that it records a lot of things plus I like the spotify/audio link, makes it easy to just turn on whatever I’ve listening to, even while driving :00

    your keyboard is so cute!! and I love the stands inside your case ❀ way too adorable!! i love cards too, I hoard them xD

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    • Haha, I just woke up and am making coffee now. 🀣 I’ll definitely share my YouTube once I make an account! Animal Crossing is a very peaceful game. I recommend it if you like decorating. Yeah, lots of nice things about smart watches. I got mine recently and I still think about how I can get more use out of it. XD Thanks!! I added a second monitor recently, so the PC is on the floor due to lack of table space. But the second monitor was lifechanging and totally worth it!

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      • ive been considering a second monitor but like I haven’t gotten around to it, a part of me is like why are you complicating your life, you’re making due with just one, but like you said, I’ve heard a second is lifechanging soooo maybe one day xD I love to decorate and just do mundane things :0000 I always do that instead of like quests xD

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      • I don’t think getting a second monitor is complicating your life, but making it easier actually! Haha. I like to use one monitor for watching something and then use the other one for browsing. XD Sometimes I like to Google stuff midway through, or sometimes I get a message and I can just check it without needing to pause my show. I’m okay with doing mundane things in games but not in real life haha. I don’t think I have enough patience for that,,,


  2. Hi Rose, that all sounds wonderful! That keyboard looks very nice, and I’m glad to hear you say that you like receiving handwritten cards and letters. Before I had to leave Maine I gave some people handwritten notes because they’d been extra helpful to me while I was there, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing to do or not.

    I’d also say that coffee’s also bringing me joy right now. My family gifted me a lot of coffee for Christmas, and I recently bought myself a fancy new Turkish coffee pot (cezve).

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    • Hi Josh! I think it was great that you gave them handwritten notes, and I’m sure they appreciated them! I’ve been interested in trying out Turkish coffee, as I’ve never tried it. I went to a Turkish restaurant once for dinner but didn’t get the coffee because it was too late (I can’t fall asleep if I have caffeine too late in the day…). I just Googled cezve and it looks neat. I’ll definitely try to drink Turkish coffee sometime.

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      • Well, those were special people, so they deserved something nice πŸ™‚

        I really like Turkish coffee. There aren’t many restaurants around me where I can get it, but I learned how to make it by watching videos put out by people in Turkey and the Middle East, and by trial and error. When you put sugar in it Turkish coffee can be a wonderful desert beverage: creamy, rich, and sweet. Or you can leave the sugar out and just appreciate the taste of the coffee. Traditionally, people use coffee that’s been infused with cardamom for Turkish coffee, which tastes amazing. Any good, light or medium roast coffee will work, but the cardamom coffee is a nice treat every now and then.

        Lol, sorry for the rant! You should definitely try Turkish coffee one day, but not in the evening! It’s also fun to learn about foods and beverages that have a long history, like Turkish coffee.

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  3. I’m right there with you with handwritten cards and letters. I have a glut of stationary, so I’ve been really into making my own cards lately and sending them to friends/family.

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