2022 Plans for Blogging, Social Media, & More

In my last post, I wrote that blogging and cosplaying were hit negatively. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem like blogging is that popular anymore. Lots of people have drifted away, and I’m in the same boat, hanging by a thread.

The blog is like an echo chamber of what I’ve already posted on Instagram. Posting the same images feels redundant, and I think Instagram posts get more attention anyway.

I confess that I don’t have a lot of self-confidence in my cosplays. I get days where I look at someone’s photos and feel self-conscious of my own. Is this surprising? I’ve felt this way with my drawings, and I haven’t drawn anything in several months. I know that it’s not a competition, but I guess there’s a mental block. As a result, I severely lack motivation. There’s a couple of cosplays I haven’t posted on the blog yet (due to the redundancy reason), so stay tuned for that.

I like posting. I like taking pictures for a number of reasons, the biggest being that it’s a record. It’s fun, and it keeps me occupied. I’m not going to quit cosplaying just yet, but I just don’t think it’s the focus of my posts anymore. There’s something I’ve more interested in at the moment, and that is:

Mori Kei.

studio ghibli gifs

In simple terms, it is described as a “forest girl” style. I’ve admired this fashion style for many years now. To me, it’s not just clothing, but also a lifestyle. I think that the activities associated with mori kei align with my interests extremely well, so the goal for 2022 is to be more intentional with it. I think it’ll be fun to document my mori kei journey, and it’ll also motivate me and keep me accountable.

It’ll be a gradual process. I don’t like the idea of discarding your old clothes because they don’t fit the aesthetic, and I also don’t like the idea of spending a fortune to achieve this goal. Part of the intentionality piece is being more mindful of what I buy this year.

I won’t lie, I lost a number of followers on my Cosplay Instagram for posting non-cosplay content. Being more serious about mori kei means that I’ll need a platform to post on. I suppose the options are converting the Cosplay Instagram (which is also my main account) into a mori kei + cosplay account, or using a different account. There’s also mori kei outfits versus everyday stuff, and whether I want to separate those or keep them in the same account.

I know, this stuff shouldn’t be complicated, but I also think we need to think about how we spend our time, especially when it comes to social media and online activity.

Any thoughts?

21 thoughts on “2022 Plans for Blogging, Social Media, & More

  1. I feel this! I also hadn’t thought that blogging was declining but now that you’ve mentioned it, maybe it is? Sort of. I guess bc there are so many other creative outlets now. I think you should keep your Mori Kei stuff with your cosplay things, or maybe use melo_nsoda since that looks more like general stuff? πŸ€” And I feel like the Mori Kei stuff is a lifestyle sort of thing, hm, this is tough (says the person w many IG accts too 🀣)

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    • HAHA, I was just thinking about we both have so many IG accounts!! It’s hard because mori kei is fashion, but it’s also a lifestyle thing so… Maybe I’ll use misswavescosplay for mori kei outfits and fashion? And the rest in melo__nsoda…? I might post some lifestyle stuff in misswavescosplay, but maybe if it’s really relevant to mori kei. πŸ€”

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      • I think that sounds good! And I mean, it’s not like you can’t post some of the fashion stuff on both accounts. I know sometimes I do that but with another image as the first one. As for the follower stuff, I think that they will enjoy something different. Especially if it’s fashion-related. Ah, I can’t wait to see what you’ll be posting, it sounds really cute!

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  2. Happy New Year!!! I honestly didn’t know what mori kei was until reading your posts, I had heard of cottagecore, but I’m very behind on the newest fashion trends (ww), I’m glad that I learned something!

    I can understand the lack of motivation factor, sometimes I struggle with that, too. I have noticed a considerable drop in users on WordPress, when I joined in 2020 – I think each of my posts got around 20ish likes and now I notice that mine and everyone else’s average around 10 or less.

    I want to experiment with streaming and use other platforms personally, but I also want to keep using WordPress because of the community. Everyone is so wholesome on here! (*´ω`*)

    I wish you the best in your endeavors, I hope you keep working at whatever motivates you!!!

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    • My posts also average at around 10 likes. Some years ago, I had 50+ likes on every post for a while…

      That’s a really great point about the community. I definitely agree that WordPress’s anime blogger community is really wholesome and supportive. It’s quite different from communities on other platforms. Yes, that’s definitely a reason to stay. ❀

      Thank you! & best to you too!!

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  3. I think you will be lovely in mori kei. Of course, *you* look lovely in just about anything. Fashions come and fashions go.

    It is not uncommon for bloggers to burn out after a few years. Unless you are trying to make money at it, so what? I’m feeling a bit burned out myself. I’ve been at it for 5 years and my output has started to decline quite a bit. Sometimes people change and move on to other things. Other people may just need a break and a year later they want to get back into it.

    I’ve never found the shorter form social media like FB and Twitter to be nearly as interesting.

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    • Thanks, Fred. Yeah, that’s true, some people just need a break. I’ve seen some bloggers take breaks and then come back in full swing.

      Sorry to hear that you’re feeling a bit burned out. I like Instagram, but there isn’t much community there. Not like our WordPress anime blogging community.

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      • I hang out in WP a lot mainly because I like all the people here. I’ve sort of found a community here. I suppose I could do Blogger or Substack or Medium but they don’t feel the same.

        The short form social media are too short to really communicate what I want to say. The best I can do there is leave a link to the blog.

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  4. Good luck on getting things sorted out–I don’t have Twitter or any of that other stuff, but I completely understand the blogging situation. For me, it was a change of work schedule[s] that ended my blog, but I also recognize the feeling of futile repetition that can sometimes develop.

    As for mori kei, I first stumbled across it in Encouragement of Climb with Koko. Lovely aesthetic! Are you familiar with Minami Chigasaki? She travels Japan by motorcycle and posts her rides on YouTube, and has frequently visited sites associated with Yuru Camp, another anime focused on girls living an outdoorsy life. Anyway, I believe that she’s got her own line of mori kei fashion (or is perhaps the model for someone’s line?). She definitely has her own line of camping cookware. . .

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      • Thanks, David! I’ve never heard of Encouragement of Climb or Minami Chigasaki so thank you for introducing me to them! That’s really cool. It’s all very cute. I would say that yuru camp fashion is more yama kei (a bit different; this one’s focused more on the great outdoors and camping) so it’s slightly different from the idea I have in mind for myself. ^^

        I wouldn’t say I’m a camper or hiker, but I do love looking at flowers and doing crafts!

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  5. Hi Rose, it’s always great to hear from you πŸ™‚

    I’m also questioning how to continue. I really don’t like Instagram – it’s so shallow and commercial, full of people trying to become famous – but the blogging format is starting to bore me. As such, I’m also feeling then need to change things up, and am working on how to do so. I might learn how to produce videos, since they’re multi-sensory.

    I also get the conflict between wanting to explore your interests (mori kei) vs. staying on brand for your main IG account. I just looked into mori kei a little bit and I feel like it’s different enough from cosplay that it might warrant a separate platform. Of course, you could also launch a new website that’s about you, and have separate pages for your main interests.

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    • Hi Josh! It’s been a while. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, there’s little to no interaction on Instagram, unlike WordPress. Though what I like about Instagram is how easy, fast, and effortless it is to post something. Twitter’s like that too.

      Learning to produce videos sounds good to me. I’ve never done it, but it seems like a fun challenge, and it could potentially be extremely rewarding. Thanks, I guess only time will tell what’s in store with the mori kei thing.

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