On Social Media & Content Creation [Part 2]

You can read Part 1 HERE.

I have some more thoughts on social media.

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How do you decide what to post, and what not to post? Honestly, I struggle with this because I sometimes think, Is there even a point to this, or am I just posting because everyone else is?

I am an anime blogger and cosplayer. Obviously, I will post content related to anime and my hobbies. That’s why I rarely talk about my family, friends, or work on my social media. It’s not that I’m not passionate about those topics; assuming that would be immature thinking. That’s just not what I’m here for.

I’ve got an interesting story. One of my friends rarely posts pictures with her boyfriend. Posting, or the lack of, really doesn’t mean much in terms of the quality of relationship. A few of her friends and peers assumed that she was single because of this. I find it quite funny, but also kind of sad.

Activism on Social Media

I’m the type of person that does my research on issues and discuss with family and close friends privately. I sign petitions and donate once in a while. I’ve seen people on social media say that if you don’t post about a social issue or show receipts that you’ve donated or signed petitions, you’re basically a bad person.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t agree. I feel that there are bigger things to worry about than calling out people who may already be supporting. What, exactly, does showing proof do, besides maybe boost one’s social standing artificially? Everyone has their own way of supporting.

I also don’t think that you have to insert yourself in a conversation all the time. You don’t have to have a take on everything, especially if you’re uninformed or aren’t passionate about a topic. It also kind of distracts from the main issue. A lot of it seems performative, anyway.


Let me know what you think in the comments! As always, thanks for reading.

16 thoughts on “On Social Media & Content Creation [Part 2]

  1. Your social media and content creation diary posts bring up really great points. I find there are moments where I can overshare details about my private life but that’s why I set up separate accounts to organize everything and remember who is watching/following me.

    Yeah, social media is performative and the expectation to constantly be online to engage with an audience is tiring. I don’t know how people can manage and balance it but also do work on the side. They have some crazy discipline… or don’t sleep at all.

    I try to have fun with it, especially over on Instagram where I can share silly or wholesome memes on my stories or massively decorate my posts with animated gifs and music.

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    • Yeah, I find it’s good to have separate accounts. It also keeps those who only follow you for hobbies interested. The downside is that it’s more work to maintain more accounts.

      Right… I try not to put too much value on social media for my own wellbeing. It gets draining and I’ve definitely become disillusioned with it a few times. I want to use it in a way that is fun for me.

      Exactly, it should be fun. Good for you and thanks for reading!!

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  2. A lot of what you see is social justice theater. I am uninterested in proving how “woke” I am. It is just pressure for conformity and I am just not a conformist. I don’t need to have someone in political lockstep for me to decide they are good people.

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  3. In regards to these topics, I feel like there is a boundary to what I share on social media. I will tell people what I am up to but not any specifics at all. Like, I will share a general thing like I live in western Washington but I won’t say where or I share my first name on social media, but I won’t tell you the rest of it, and such like that. I would rather talk about what I’m watching and reading.

    And for activism I will basically retweet some things and donate but it’s really hard because as some people said, that’s performative.

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  4. Social media can be a lot. I’ve been slowly withdrawing from it simply because of how exhausting it can be. I really admire the people who can somehow balance a heavy social media presence with their daily lives. I don’t have that kind of commitment lol.

    I definitely agree with the other commenters on how what we see online is mostly performative in a way, and that boundaries should be made. Realizing that you’re allowed to block people when they make you uncomfortable and you don’t owe them an explanation for it is very freeing.

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