[Response] Creativity in Blogging

I liked Annie’s Spill the tea: Creativity inΒ Blogging post. Here’s my response to Annie.

From my personal experience, it is hard to be creative if you don’t have much energy. If you’re tired all the time, you’re not going to be thinking about creative ideas. So, I think that having energy is #1, almost like a requirement to being creative. When I have a lot of energy, I will cosplay, blog, draw, and do a bunch of random crafts.

I mostly get inspiration after having fun with my friends. I think this ties in with what I wrote above about having energy. It naturally comes to you when you feel happy and motivated.

I agree that other bloggers and creators are sources of inspiration. If it wasn’t for Annie’s post, this post wouldn’t even exist.

Thinking about my posts, I got a lot of inspiration from anime, songs, and a lot of other things. I’m driven by my passion and love for my interests and hobbies. One of my main reasons for blogging is to have a space to talk about my interests, often because I don’t have anywhere else to dump my thoughts.

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Hmm, I don’t think that you can force out creativity. I don’t think it would feel very authentic. Breaks are fine, and sometimes we need them. That way, we can blog with a fresh mind and new ideas. I feel that prolonged breaks are scary, though. What if you become too comfortable and never return to blogging? Or, what if you lose your enthusiasm towards blogging? This is similar to what Annie voiced re: those who never come back. Here’s what I think: Your health comes before blogging.


7 thoughts on “[Response] Creativity in Blogging

  1. Definitely agree that health should come before blogging. Mental and physical health should ideally come before anything.
    Side note: I can never find the energy to cosplay… even badly. πŸ˜‚ Hats off to you for being able to do it well!

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  2. My experience is that if you are healthy and young, lack of energy either means lack of interest or a more general depression. (I really was once young and healthy, believe it or not!)

    There is nothing wrong with losing interest in a hobby as long as you replace it with something else. That is life. I have interests that come and go over years and decades.

    If you have no interests at all, that could be a precursor to depression. Maybe you need to shake things up. Take a walk on your wild side.

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    • I agree. Lacking interest in general might indicate that something is wrong.

      True, I see some of my hobbies coming and going. For example, I’m not as interested in art at the moment but I occasionally get in the mood to draw something.

      Walks are good. Shaking things up to change up the mundane is good. Thanks for reading, Fred!

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