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A question for bloggers: Do you ever feel like some of your posts fade into irrelevancy as you keep putting out new posts? That they get buried deep in the archives? I guess this question applies for bloggers that frequently post.

I have over 550 posts. Maybe you can think of a few of my posts on the top of your head, but I’m guessing they’re the more recent ones. I won’t blog any less because of this, though.

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts.

14 thoughts on “Another Question

  1. I just started working today on an index for my blog, as I’m not very happy with the current menu structure. It’s hard to find stuff, especially older posts. Since I’m working on it, I come across older posts dating back to my early blogging days where I’m thinking…did I write about that? I completely forgot😊
    I think that’s a part of blogging Rose. Some posts, the very special ones, stay with you, others while still fun to read will just simply disappear into the archives. At some points though, new readers will rediscover them again. It hasn’t stopped my from blogging either though😊

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      • I’m already working on it😊I have completed a couple of categories, but with almost 500 posts to cover, it’s going to take a while lol 😂 I’m splitting it up into categories otherwise it’s still going to be way too long. You can already see a few of the indexes on the main page of my blog: The button Index 😊 Let me know what you think if you have some time of course 😅😊
        I think it always will be but that’s fine😊 Sometimes it’s nice to revisit a few posts, and provide links to them when you are writing something new: that way newer readers can still get a feel for your older posts 😊

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  2. Nice gla-

    Posts definitely get buried when it comes to WordPress, because the Reader acts in real time and is always moving forward with the present. That said, search engines don’t operate that way and so old posts can always be found in some way or another.

    The way I see it, it’s a good balance.
    The Reader gives you the immediate views that make posting feel worth it, and then the post is buried in time. But then search engines can keep that post alive for much longer afterwards.

    The only problem is that there’s no guarantee a post will do well on search engine rankings haha. So we don’t really have control over the second part of the formula. But when a post does do well, it’s satisfying to see I think.

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  3. I think pretty much all my posts do, almost immediately. I currently have 1531 posts on my blog and a bit over 100 on other people’s blogs here and there. I occasionally repost some of my favourite ones but honestly, even I have forgotten half of them.

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  4. There are definitely some posts of my which have faded into the internet void and never seem to get any views. I guess it’s just part of blogging, not every post can be an ever-green hit. Every so often though, I’ll see an old, forgotten post get a sudden boost in views, which is always fun.

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  5. What’s your goal for your blog?

    Who’s your target audience?

    I’ve published a few posts here and there over the last 5 years, and what’s interesting to me is that some of my posts from 3 and 4 years ago remain in my top ten. I’d love to say it was by design. I’d love to say I painstakingly wrote posts and optimized them so readers could find them years later. Fact is, at first, I was just lucky. I’ve only recently started giving any thought to SEO.

    Do you want to share some of your older posts? Or would you prefer readers focus on your most current posts?

    Is your target audience other bloggers? Then WordPress Read is probably enough. Is your audience more general? Then you’ll probably want to give some thought to making it easy for readers to find your work, both in the short and long term. That means Google/Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook, with an emphasis on Google.

    My stats for November 11 showed traffic coming from Google was 12x greater than the second and third placed sources, which were WordPress Reader and Pinterest. Usually, Pinterest is higher than WordPress, but Google is far and away from biggest source of my traffic.

    On that same day, my review of The Journey of Elaina episode 6 was my most popular post, and it came out on that day. My 5th most popular post was my review of The Asterisk War episode 21, which I published back in May 2016.

    Do you want people to find and enjoy your older posts? Do you prefer they stick to the current ones? Do you want a mix?

    If you want a mix or older posts, take a look at Yoast. If you approach it with the mindset that everything revolves around your readers and their experience finding and reading your material, then Yoast can help you tweak your format here and there and think through keywords.

    BTW: 550 posts is really cool. Congratulations! It’s not easy maintaining discipline and focus to publish that much.

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    • It isn’t too annoying to look up 62 posts, but after a year, it’ll be over 700 posts. & If you’ve been a blogger for let’s say, over 5 years, the posts you wrote 2 or more years ago would be deep in your archives, wouldn’t they?

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      • While that is true, people always find a way to your older posts.

        I personally do not see a huge problem in having posts in the deep achieve but I do make sure the ones with great effort put into are rightfully “indexed”.

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