Day 10: 15 Days of Death Note Challenge

This challenge is from Ryuugi’s Tatsuya’s Anime Corner.

Day 10: Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss L Lawliet

Marry Stephen Gevanni

Gevanni is highly underrated. He’s one of my favourite characters.

For those who don’t remember, Gevanni worked for Near. He was the one who replicated the Death Note in one night. Without him, Near probably would not have succeeded.

Gevanni is incredibly talented. He was asked to join Near because of his skills. If he was a character in Danganronpa and younger, I think he would be an Ultimate student.

Kill no one

This is a lose-lose type of question. If I say a name, some people might think that I’m violent or whatever. If I don’t say a name, some people might think that I’m no fun.

Although there’s a handful of characters I don’t like, there isn’t a character I would want to kill. If anything, Kira is the evilest. Funnily enough, Light is also my favourite character (Day 1). Villains are essential to the plot.

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