On Idolizing Stars

X celebrity was seen leaving a hotel. He reportedly stayed at the hotel for eight hours with a 17-year-old minor. He is in his thirties. That’s all the news there is about that right now.

I loved X when I was in high school. My friend even decorated frames with his photos for my 18th birthday. I haven’t followed his news in the past five years due to moving onto other interests, but it was still a shock to read the news.

Animated gif about cute in 🌬 Life is Moveable by Pastel_Cathedral

It made me think, is it okay to look up to idols? To love them and support them? We don’t even know them personally. I think it’s perfectly fine to love their character from their series but what about them as an individual?

Then I thought, the same happens to people we do know. People in our day-to-day life. Some people, including the ones closest to us, can betray us and surprise us with their wickedness. Is there a difference between this and when a celebrity does it?

Perhaps we should trust and love others until they prove to us that they do not deserve it. I wonder if this is too simple. Too positive..?

6 thoughts on “On Idolizing Stars

  1. I don’t think it is too simple nor too positive. I’ve certainly made mistakes in trusting people in my life. Socalled “friends” that weren’t really friend, but more people that used you. Although I may have become more cautious because of experiences like that, it doesn’t mean I don’t trust people anymore. One never can truly tell what someone is really like, that’s for sure, but if we stop trusting people altogether, I think one could better spend his/her time in a cave away from the world😊

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    • Thanks for sharing your insight and experience, Michel! I agree with you. I’ve also become more cautious after personal experiences but I don’t want to stop trusting people altogether. 🙂

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  2. When an idol fails to live up to your expectations, you will have discovered that “idols have feet of clay.” An idol has no real obligation to behave morally or honestly outside of financial concerns. That is just something the fans are projecting onto them. We like to assume that image matches reality and you can’t tell that just from performances.

    The failures or betrayals of a loved one have got to be more devestating because thay impact you directly.

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  3. Omg, I’ve thought about this, too! I agree with what you mentioned, Fred, and raistlin0903’s comments. I think it’d be a travesty if a person decided to not trust others anymore simply because of being burned once. But being a bit more cautious and keeping an eye for red flags would be wise. I never defend any celebrities wholeheartedly as I know I don’t truly know them. I also don’t think reasonable fans should feel ashamed or blame themselves for supporting a famous figure in the event of a scandal. I mean, who could’ve known?

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    • Ooo, it’s interesting to hear that you’ve also thought about this! Same here, I would never defend any celebrity wholeheartedly. That’s true… Who could’ve known? I never expected it but these things happen sometimes.

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